Is anybody worth #6

The more I stuff I read on this board the more I think nobody is worth picking at #6 so trade all our pick for next years picks lol


JSN might be the only guy worth the pick when we’re on the clock.

Which is why I think there’s a good chance we take him.

  1. Trade down
  2. BPA
  3. Just outside the elite, unless someone ■■■■■ up.



We can always just let the clock expire and pick Skoronski at 8 right before the Bears just to mess with them


We can be their Seattle.

I’m not sold on Carter.


As a guy that wants Carter, I am warming up to the idea of JSN

My worry is not enough balls to keep ‘em all happy……

Wr’s are divas……

But I also trust Brad to make the right decision

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Amon-Ra isn’t a diva.

JSN isn’t a diva.

Jamo is kind of a diva.

Antonio Brown is a diva.

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That’s bait.

Given Carter’s concerns, JSN might be the 3rd or 4th best football player in this draft depending on how you view the QBs.

His injury being mismanaged tanked his stock for some reason but people are figuring out again how great he is.


Jalen Carter


Will Anderson
Myles Murphy
Peter Skoroski

Some might say those 2 are not worth it at 6 and are better at 10, but we don’t have number 10. Lions will trade down or take the best fit for this team. Trenches are always worth the pick.

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Skoronski. Probably Bijan Robinson.


Wilson is better then Murphy


You’re 100% on it. Feels like the worst draft ever to be in the top 10 unless you’re shopping for a QB. LOL

The pre-draft process is killer, dude.


Siaki Ika hands down at #6. He continues his current trajectory he won’t have to move to be an elite run defender. And there’s the added benefit of cleaning all the plates at lunch time.

He might be, but I don’t think Detroit looks edge early unless Anderson falls. He is the only guy who is easily BPA. Murphy is favorite guy for the Lions to draft (at the moment; it keeps changing). Murphy is a fit with the mold the Lions like as far as character, he has size, he is the best run stopper in the draft and that is a huge hole for us. Lions have been building the trenches the progression they’ve been going through kind of points to the interior unless some crazy falls (like Anderson)

I’ll make you a bet, if we hold on to #6, in 43 days, 94.6% of people on this board will be talking about the amazing value/steal of XXXXXX that we selected. I’ll guarantee it, and you’ll feel great about it too, so sit back, grab some popcorn :popcorn: and enjoy the show :wink:

By the way, Wilson, Witherspoon, plenty of others who are looking like quality, high impact players, even if the “consensus elite (there will be 2 busts in that group)” is off the board, will still be there :wink:


Lots of guys are available. Super deep class at certain positions that the lions need. There is running back that could be a future star in Detroit. There are lots of corners and we need depth and talent. There are DT’s in this draft that are worthy of drafting. The issue isn’t that there isn’t talent, it’s that the team has to be really good at scouting. The issue is that there really isn’t a great deal separating number 6 and pick 13. You can get the same quality of guy at both spots. Perhaps even farther back. I kinda think farther back.