Is Brett Favre a giant douchebag?


But who’s to say?


Where’s the poll?

I dunno, this sounds like a counter punch to try to clear his name, and given the reports that have come out, talking heads like Sharpe, Macafee, etc, of course they are gonna give their opinion. They weren’t the only ones, it was national news. So does he file defamation lawsuit on every single person who said something negative about what he allegedly did?

What a headache to read… but to answer the question of the thread, I say yes, he’s a douche bag.

Now if he is somehow miraculously cleared of all charges (even though he’s admitted guilt by repaying some of the money as stated in the article), well, I’ll still think he’s a douche

To answer your question, anyone who sues talking heads (granted I like McAfee) for saying something about you automatically makes you a giant douchebag. It’s their job. Sorry you didn’t like what they said. Who cares move on.


Yeah for sure, like why just sharpe and mcafee? What about Rome, every local sports radio station, scroll through Twitter and see what people with any sort of platform have to say… they aren’t the only ones.

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I definitely agree. The only exception I would make is if a person represents that they breaking the story insterad of just talking about a story. There is a certain news network that rarely reports their own news if you listen closely. The cite someone else’s story and then they are free to talk about it. They will specifically cite themselves as the news source if they are taking credit for the story.

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It’s kinda funny that a former Packers legend is suing McAfee, when his cohost is A.J Hawk, who played for the Packers for a decade and played with Favre, and Rodgers is a weekly guest on the show. It would be like Barry Sanders suing an nfl punter, who had Chris Spielman and Matt Stafford as regulars on the show.

John Madden must be furious in heaven about now.

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Let’s also not overlook past transgressions, such as sending dick pics, beating the lions consistently… seriously ■■■■ that guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Those pics could have been anyones dick pics… innocent until proven guilty. People fraud welfare every day, he didn’t know, he got caught up with the wrong people. Oh wait, I mean it was all the concussions, that’s why. Speaking of concussions try Favre’s new nasal spray that heals concussions at light speed. Wait, I mean sue everyone, yes that’s right sue everyone. That about covers it, for now!

sure. a defamation suit will clean up his squeaky clean reputation :joy::joy:

his best course of action is just to vanish because literally nobody gives a rats ass about him, defamed or not

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And keep paying his lawyers because if what he allegedly did is true dude should be in prison

And maybe do some autograph sessions while he can and charge $100 an autograph :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is ?

He always has been.

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Also, willing to bet he was holding the snorkel at Chmura’s spa party.

It could be far worse.
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Lol… exactly and yes, it could be worse.

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Be careful, Brett. Discovery can be a bish.

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Well that still doesn’t make it ok. Reporters and Media folk have the responsibility to report the truth. They are supposed to show integrity and only report on factual things. Not on speculation. Somehow that has been lost in todays society because most judges side with the media on defamation cases. This has given the media a false sense that it’s ok to report on any wild accusation. Which it is not. The world has definitely changed.

Have you ever heard the story about Grover Cleveland and the reporter?

In 1883 he had a secret surgery on a tumor and hid it from the American public. A reporter found out and reported on it. But the Whitehouse denied the claims.

Society crucified the reporter. He lost his job and his reputation was ruined. He had to stop being a reporter. Why? …. Because it was believed he made a false report or a report where he didn’t verify the facts. Unfortunately it was true and he was wrongfully ruined.

In those days you the media was held responsible for their actions. Wrongful reports can cause a person harm and society didn’t allow that behavior.

In todays society it is widely accepted that it is ok to report false facts. Regardless of the damages those reports can cause.

There are defamation laws for a reason. We need people like Farve to fight under those laws to help bring integrity back into reporting.

With all that said - Yes … Farve is a douchbag!


I was a reporter and a good one. But also a genuine one. I never changed anything to fit my narrative or spewed nonsense that wasn’t true. I hold these same people to the same standards.

If they were wrong, they’re wrong. If they aren’t wrong, they are free to talk about it.


The thing is sharpe and macafee aren’t reporters… they were commenting and talking on what was reported. I don’t think either of them claimed to be the ones breaking the news? And they did comment on what was being reported as truth, and it’s been pretty well covered and reported by reputable sources… so for him to file defamation lawsuits on them alone doesn’t make any sense…


I hate to go Cliff Clavin on everyone here.

But it’s a well known fact.

The only thing Favre has that’s giant…is him being a douche…

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