Is Jamarr Chase the preferred WR?

It seems like some don’t want Devonta and some don’t like Waddle.
So I’m curious if everyone would be happy with Chase?..or are there some that don’t want Chase?

The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards Sewell or Parsons at 7. And then go WR hunting at pick 41. It’s a deep WR class and there should still be some good ones on the board at 41. And then hopefully they add another WR in the mid rounds. We need at least 2 in this draft due to all the 1 year contracts we gave out.


I’d pretty pumped if anyone of them ended up being a Lion. Chase is the most dynamic of the three. Smith is gonna be the Jeff Backus of the three (boring but perennial top 15 every year). And Waddle is going to be Tyreke 2.0, he’ll have a ton of big play, highlight footage.

Chase is at another level of the WR bunch. He just dominates whoever you put in front of him. And he does it in multiple ways. Chase is the equivalent of Patrick Peterson coming out of LSU years ago, but at the wideout position.

Chase is my #1 favorite option. I know people have said the Lions can take a WR later, which I think makes sense, but for this offense to really start to take shape the Lions need more than just warm bodies.


I think Chase is the best WR in this year’s draft, and if they get him then IMHO they did good. Nothing wrong though with trading down even if it mean they don’t get him, it IS a good WR draft class and the Lions do need a starting WR. And he might be already gone anyway.

I think we’ve got to look at this as more than a one year fix. So, take the best players available this year and stock up on the best talent wherever it is. Taking an OT in the 1st isn’t a bad idea if they can solidify their run game, ditto if they draft the TE. Parsons should bolster that defense, so the Lions oughta come out ahead no matter who they get. Frankly I’m just not smart enough to know which of the people we’re looking at for the 1st round would be the best option for what the Lions want to do.

I prefer Devonta Smith, but I’ll take Chase or Waddle. They need to take the best receiver available.

My preference

  1. Parsons - I think he brings the biggest impact on the DEF.
  2. D. Smith - Same reason but on offense.
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Ita pretty clear for me. If Miami takes Chase then thats who I wanted.
If they take Devonta, thats who I wantes and Ill be bummed we missed on him.


@SingaporeCableCar welcome to the den

What if they take Parsons?

Then I wanted him all along haha


Chase. Yes

Even with his short arms?

Someone needs to do some pictures of Parsons like they did of Riley Reiff.


I think both the Bengals and Phins go OT. Just makes more sense to me that the reason the Phins traded back up to 6, was to ensure one of the top 2 tackles. Waddle or Smith likely makes it to pick 12. And like others have said, it’s a deep WR class. I don’t think you trade an extra first to move up for WR in a deep class :man_shrugging:t2: Especially when they are pretty deep at the position.

Parsons makes more sense to me then them going WR. IMO…Chase makes it to pick 7. The question is, do the lions take him or trade down (assuming someone’s coming up for QB5, Denver?). If Denver is the team to trade up, I believe chase has a shot to be there still at pick 9.

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It’s not that I “don’t” want Chase. It’s just that I have several alternative paths that I prefer over Chase at 7. Yes, IF Sewell was gone, and we don’t get a good TD offer and it’s Chase/Smith/Waddle, I take Smith.

Does he make it to 7? I mean, Cincy would be smart to get one of those tackles and protect their franchise qb, but burrow is also lobbying hard for Chase… :man_shrugging:

Personally, I am firmly in the “Take a offensive tackle” over the wr’s due to the overall depth of the position in this draft. The 3 at the top are studs and I like them but I like the idea of a stud RT who can move to LT in 4 years if you don’t want to pay Decker another contract.

With so many holes on the team I am not a fan of overdrafting a RT with the idea of moving him 4 years from now. Seems like a luxury pick relatively speaking.


I thought I read that the report Burrow is lobbying for chase was false

You are right, I know trey wingo said it was false and he is usually spot on. I have also talked to a few people that have said that Burrow got chided for vocalizing what he wanted and potentially making it harder for the Bengals to do what they really want with their pick, so they are attempting to walk it back now.

I haven’t been around for a minute so i don’t know who you personally like at 7 wes, but i kinda feel like all the blue chip picks at 7 are luxury picks with all the holes on this team. I don’t like Micah Parsons at all, Davis 2.0. Justin fields has grown on me but I don’t really want him at 7 (don’t think he lasts till 7), and the wr’s, like i previously mentioned, are all studs but its a bloated class with a-lot of talent. Who do you like at 7?