Is Matt Stafford still with a contender?

2 years since he asked for a trade to a contender.

I can’t tell how good the Rams will be this year. Their depth looks suspect. Relying on a LOT of Rookies. McVay is a good coach but has his flaws. Stafford obviously a good QB but health and OL concerns. Kupp and Donald coming back from injuries.

Their schedule early looks very tough as well. i can see anywhere from 11 wins to 5 wins in the regular season .

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The Rams will be lucky to play .500 football. Losing Ramsey, Floyd and Wagner on defense will be very tough to overcome. They still have Donald, but he aint getting any younger.

And Stafford, well I just hope they can protect the dude this year. Otherwise this doesn’t end well with the damage he’s already taken in his career.


Following here with should they have kept Goff? Rams QBs: Should Sean McVay have been more patient with Jared Goff? - Turf Show Times


Pain fades, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.

The Rams have become the poster child for risking everything for a single ring. Is it worth it? I say hell yeah!


I might risk it all for a single playoff win! haha


With their building style…it’s mission accomplished already. They got what they were after.

they Got Matt
We got

Daaaaaaaamn! I love Matt, but he’s not gonna outweigh all of that.


He is On The Waterfront so at the very least he could’ve been one

Matt got a ring and a never ending supply of pretzels. Just call it a career and go lay on the beach.

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No .500 team at best

The Rams are definitely a contender…For 1st pick in the draft. They got old and a lot worse the last 2 seasons. They won a title, nuff said.


I’ve got 'em at a little over .500 if they can keep Matty upright!
They will Lose every game Matt sits out.

Kronke wanted to win in his home stadium and he did. And now there are as many die hard Rams fans in LA as there are die hard Lions fans in LA. Unfortunately there are a shit ton more Cowboys, Raiders, Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Packers, Eagles and Bears fans in LA than either of those fan bases. My guess is that if the number of people in the LA Metro Area who don’t care about the Rams were a fan base, they’d easily be a top ten fan base in the NFL.


I haven’t heard much about Stafford after last season’s injury. as to the OP? I think Matt has an uphill battle to get back to “contender” status.

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Good article, thanks for sharing, some good information and food for thought.

When reading the Rams “probably have 2 or 3 years left with Stafford” sentence in the article my first thought was, that’s optimistic. Numerous concussions and a back issue(again) I would be surprised if he makes it through 2023.


They will be lucky to hit .500 this year.

I think this is the last year for Stafford, McVae and Donald.

They will see they are far from a contender with no cap space or draft capital. And ride off into the sunset

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I’d be surprised if they won 8-9 games this season, they need more talent on that team.

I’ll wait to hear from @DETROIT-RAM or @DreajFoge on this. If they follow their team the same way we follow the Lions, they’ll have a reasonable answer and expectation.

Unless we start talking about punters again. :roll_eyes:


Well hell, to be perfectly honest I’m way more of a Lions fan these days

And before I’m summarily judged I’d like to point out I’ve been a Rams fan since ‘69

I stuck with them while they moved to STL, cheered Stafford leading us to a SB win

But, I can’t even pin it down (actually yes I can) they’ve changed

So JT…to answer your question, I see a rebuild and greedy players “doing what they have to do “

Too bad you don’t have another first rounder from them, I would have thought they would have jumped for Swift

Anywhere from 6-9 wins


There you go.


I have the Rams at 7/8 wins. That’s about where Vegas has them too.

We’re definitely getting older but reports are Stafford is as healthy as he’s been in a bit. Donald and Kupp are still studs. And we have pretty good weapons on offense. If the oline can gel and stay healthy better than they did last year it’ll go a long way. The defense is a complete question mark and in all likelihood they won’t be very good at all. On paper we’re a .500 ball club. Plus we have McVay who’s been a bona-fide winner up to this point.