Is QB the pick at #6?

I just saw a CBS sports mock they had Levis to Colts an Lions taking Richardson I honestly think we do take the QB remaining or the four.

They had us taking TE Kincaid but Bijan was still there I would pick him at 18. Besides his running ability he catches the pass great. He would be like a Slot WR for some plays besides his running ability .

Just so you anti Goff fans the QB which ever one selected is not the replacement for Goff at least till end of 2024. If Goff got to costly an he earns it he could be QB in 2025.
If Goff is extended he is good backup an possible trade chip also.
I found it interesting Levis went in this mock as the #3 QB for those who said he was 5 LOL

Lions may extend Goff but aren’t going to give him upwards of 40 million a year to be a backup. If they extend him, it’s because they believe he’s the man.

Teams don’t draft backup QBs at 6. If they believe in AR or Levis that much they will be starting next year at the latest so they can still trade Goff when he can bring back capital

I’m new here and get that I don’t have the credibility as the long time members, but please hear me on Levis. While I am a life long Detroit Lions fan, I’m also a PSU alum and watched him closely during his time there. There’s a reason Levis couldn’t beat out Sean Clifford (who isn’t a great QB) at PSU and bolted to KY. Levis is simply not very good. I have no idea where the “Levis is talented” narrative came from. ESPN hype machine maybe? Dude struggled all the time, and ended his time in KY with darn near 1/2 as many INTs as TDs. A QB at 6 (especially Levis or Richardson) would be a HUGE mistake.

And for the record, I understand there’s an argument that “he played hurt a lot” which may have effected his accuracy, etc. I don’t buy into that at all. With due respect, please take a look at his stats and watch some of his film on YouTube (not just the highlight / hype films) before you go all in on Levis.

He has a 65% completion rate, he threw for less than 2500 yards on the season, and he only threw for 300 yards 3 times last year (2 of those times it was just barely over at 303 yards). Now I know stats aren’t everything, and comparisons can be made to others with similar stats that went on to be great. But Levis just doesn’t have the “it” factor. Not a single signature win where he put the team on his shoulders.

All the tools, all the measurables, blah blah blah - just not a very good QB.


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In 25 words or less: NFL pooh-bahs look for traits and project future development, while distinguishing individual talent from team talent. They also estimate Turd Quotients for each player.

Yeah I agree with pretty much all of this. Everything outside his first year starting at Kentucky is alarming to me. I get that he and Richardson are both projects, but Richardson’s almost 4 years younger. He hasn’t had the chance to play as bad as Levis did at times.

I think where he gains ground is in meetings with teams. GMs, owners, and coaches are gonna love the guy. That shouldn’t be a reason why you draft him, but sometimes it is. I just hope it’s not us.

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3 years apart (even when accounting for AR’s wrong age on Wiki). But I’d tend to agree. Even '21 at Kentucky wasn’t all that magical.


Normally Levis should be a third round pick and AR a second. But ever since Allen managed to improve his accuracy and decision making after being drafted teams are all clamoring for the next big-armed toolsy, if inaccurate, QB they think will be the next Allen.

Issue is Allen is an extreme outlier of a QB who significantly improved mechanics and accuracy after he got to the NFL. That normally doesn’t happen and probably isn’t the new normal. So there’s plenty of fools gold there early

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I hope its later in rd 2 maybe Hooker