Is the 5-2 the answer to running QB’s?

After that first drive we switched to having 5 people on the line and blitzing the 5th person about half the time it seemed. Fields got his but if you take off that 39 yard run his yards/run are pedestrian and he was failing to pick up first downs. And we got a lot of tackles for loss. The pocket also seemed to collapse faster. It leaves us open to big throws but seems like a net win.

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Wait, you’re saying there was an adjustment that worked on the defensive side of the ball?


Ceedy Duce is the answer

When I did the film study last year on Fields, the 5 man front seemed to be the most effective strategy. In particular when one of the edge guys would pursue Fields aggressively to force him to run out of the pocket towards the sidelines. When the edges “just tried to contain him” it wasn’t as effective.


Man, if he can come back for at least two regular season games that would be huge.

He could have came back today. He had a live stream and he was so hyped !!! He will be back soon

The all-22 guy says it’s been the best approach to defending Lamar.

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First time that i remember AG making an adjustment that (semi)-worked. Barnes should be on one edge, Hutch the other.

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Interesting fact I just heard: Fields has rushed for over 100 yards 5 times, and in those 5 games the Bears are 0-5.

So maybe we don’t try and stop him from running?

I’m mostly kidding, but there’s always been a basketball strategy where you let the star get his and stop everyone else. It would be something like that. It would also take an already erratic passer out of rhythm.

Of course for that strategy to pay off you need to keep them from scoring TDs, avoid turnovers, and play with a lead - or at least keep it close. We kept them out of the end zone decently yesterday but failed badly at everything else.

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Joking aside, you are on to something here-

anyone ever see Steph Curry splashing 3’s with a hand in his face from 2 feet behind the line? How ability Killian Hayes air balling numerous 3’s while standing wide open from inches behind the line?

I could care less if Justin Fields, Lamar, or Kyler run the ball 15 times for 120 yards… Realistically that means you get to put 8-10 solid hits on their QB… The combination of being beat up, and also exhausted from running becomes a real thing as the game progresses.

I know its sounds draconian, but a knee… ankle… shoulder… hand… concussion come into play every time the QB takes off… No matter how poor a passer a guy is, they can throw to wide open receivers and tight ends in soft zones.

This is interesting take.
I do find it odd how bad the Ravens are at the end of games. I have always chalked it up as Lamar not being able to pass. But it could just be some physical exhaustion.

Regardless, running QBs are a problem but the Ravens game was about the first time I have ever seen a running QB display a full offensive arsenal. I like the Ravens as a bit of a dark horse to make the Super Bowl.

The NFC to me is clearly:

Tier 1 - Philly

Tier 2 - 49ers/Lions/Dallas? Seatle??

Then the rest of the NFC at this point. The AFC is has many more good/great teams than the NFC at the moment. And if it was the best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 7 then I think Philly is a massive favorite. But it is a 1 and done. And in that situation anything can happen.

Remember mcnabb in the Super Bowl? Didn’t Owens have to call plays at the end because mcnabb was so out of breath?

The 49ers with Trent Williams are tier 1. Without him they’re tier 2 with us imo.

To be fair I do think the 49ers a not quite Philly but above Lions. MAybe more like Tier 1.5

The issue I have more with 49ers is Purdy. For me he needs to win in the playoffs before I can believe he can take the heat.

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I bet at least 3 of those were the Lions.

Interesting stat though

If you take out the weird blown play where he got 39 yards, he was doing 3.5 yards a carry I think. That feels like winning.

The solution is to square up and ring his bell before he can slide


The DVOA rankings, which are pretty reliable, have Philly as #10. They are like last year’s Vikings. Tonite should tell alot.

DVOA has Baltimore and SF as the top tier, KC third, and the Lions and Buffalo next.

I think they are the odds-on favorite right now rather than a dark horse.

I think the beating up the QB strategy would have worked before. Now they are so protected you can’t even breathe on them. Hurts is used pretty smartly to avoid contact imo.

Or take the Maxx Crosby approach to the RPO… target the QB EVERY TIME.