Is there a #1 WR on our roster?

I say no, but I’d love to be proven wrong. Without looking at available WR free agents next year I believe that either in FA or by way of trade that should be our most important priority for next season. There were people who didn’t want to use a hi pick this year because it takes at least a season for them to catch on. Well, exactly, but since we don’t have a #1 to groom this year, waiting thru next year is asking for another lost season with re to real growth here. We have the money, and drafts picks to trade, to bring someone on, a proven commodity. IMO that should be our focus going forward.

Perriman’s kid has the physical talent but has never been able to put it all together. Tyrell Williams on the Chargers was a borderline WR1, but I’m not confident 2021 Tyrell is the same guy. St. Brown looks like a nice piece, but maybe not the type of player who can take over a game, or get behind the entire defense, etc.

Our best hope for WR1 numbers this year is from Hock, imo.

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No, best case scenario we have a high end two in TW as our top WR. That’s if we get the best and healthiest version out of him.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a #2 WR on our roster…


Nobody thought Galloday was a #1.
Injuries are my biggest worry with this Group.

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No, but we have two #1 tackles and one #1 center who will make life easy for our grab bag of receivers.


Are they gonna run routes and catch passes.

Stats (production)
Stature (Size and reputation)
State of Mind (Alpha Mentality/Gimme the Damn Ball
Stately Wayne Manor ($$contract)


For this offense I would say yes we do and his name is TJ Hockenson. Amon-Ra is probably going to see a lot of targets out of the slot and Williams and Perriman are outside guys that can run. Cephus I think can provide depth everywhere. I think we are more than capable to have a decent pass game that feeds off a very strong run game.


No. And there really isn’t even a strong 2 on the roster. Williams is most likely the best receiver and he is a poor poor man’s Marvin Jones.

Lions certainly could use a long-term solution at WR who can play outside… but… to play Devil’s advocate… How many #1 WRs did Tom Brady win a Super Bowl with in New England?


Is there a #1 WR on our roster?

Does there need to be a #1 WR on our offense?


Who is the #1 WR on the Rams team?

Copper Kupp

Robert Woods is also a very good no. 2.

I feel like you could make arguments for Wes Welker and Julian Edelman in their hay day. Could also argue Moss for the 1 season as well.

Hock is our best bet to lead our team in most receiving statistics.

Tyrell never had to carry the Chargers cause he always had Keenan Allen. One could argue that although Mike Williams hasn’t lived up to the bill of 7th overall draft picks, he plays the role better than Tyrell did.

Perriman’s best season was in TB before TB had TB. None of that is tuberculosis. What they did have was our WR coach, Antwuan Randel-El. Is he the secret to unlocking his higher level? Can Perriman really reach 9,000?!?! Won’t know till we see it. But probably not possible.

Can 4th round receivers turn into #1 WRs?
Brandon Marshall, Andre Reed say yes you can but they seem more the exception, but we won’t know until training camp when we start hearing whispers that he’s really good like we did with Kenny G.

Don’t forget about Cepheus, who sadly was actually pretty forgettable last year. For a guy known for his hands he dropped far too many catchable balls, hope he’s hitting the Jugs hard, don’t mean his girlfriend either and no that’s not a bad taste joke about his past.

UDFAs can’t be counting on for anything until they out pads on.

I see them as different styles of bigger receivers. If you’re looking for a 50/50 guy then it’s clearly Mike Williams. If you’re looking for a guy to catch deep and intermediate routes on the move and chew up yards after the catch then I think TWill is clearly a superior option.

No preseason, no OTA’s etc last year, after the first game of the season how many drops did he have?

So, I won’t make you look it up, none. He had 2 in the first quarter and 1 in the 4th. He caught 5 of 10 passes. Take away the first game and his numbers were outstanding.

We had one of the greatest number receivers of all time for a decade

Where did that get us?

I’d rather see a balanced offense with legitimate threats on every level


He was a 3rd round guy that was drafted to be a #3-4 guy.

We have multiple WR’s that are capable of ascending to that #1 status. If one of our young WR’s keeps getting open, Goff will start to develop chemistry.

I’m more hoping to have an entire team of #2 WR’s. No egos, just know that if you get open you are likely to be getting the ball.


A true #1 is a QBs safety blanket.
No, we don’t have Herman Moore or Calvin Johnson.
We won, 1 playoff game with Moore.
0 with Johnson.
Who will be Jared Goffs “bankie”?
My guess is St.Brown.