Is there any Gm you absolutely do not want here?

I want someone with experience not more of the same duds we just fire. someone that is aware and knowledgeable of the draft picks who is focused on the places on the team we really struggle, and one that doesn’t go rouge and play "the smartest guy in the room " crap.

I don’t want someone who hasn’t done it before.

This roster is a dumpster fire and the owners keep throwing gas on it.

We need someone with experience who has done it before (like Dimitroff). There is no room for training on the job here.

Same goes for the head coach. Give me someone who has led a team in college or the pros.

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Agreed Greg.

Dimitroff and Meyer would be AWESOME!

Nobody I “absolutely don’t want”, but there are a couple I’ll have low expectations for.

I have my mind made up, it’s Dodds / Saleh, anyone else I will be disappointed

I really don’t want Pioli.

I don’t want Dimitroff, Dorsey, Reese or Riddick (though I love him on TV).

I am OK with Smith. Ozzie Newsome is my preference of the retreads, but if not him Smith is probably my next favorite.

The guy that thought it was a good idea to hire Freddie Kitchens to be head coach. I can’t remember his name.

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Aim for the stars I guess… He’s not available sooooooooo

Agree, nobody who hasn’t been a GM before. Someone with a track record of good draft picks. Someone with a plan. Hell maybe Yzerman can GM both teams. Get him on the Tigers too

What’s your issue with Dimitroff?

I think he’s been a bad drafter. He’s made a lot of awful picks for need. Terrell, McGary, Lindstrom in just the past couple of years. I also think he’s bad at drafting defense as the Falcons were terrible there through pretty much his whole tenure. He got lucky with Jackson and Deion Jones has been a pretty good pick but otherwise it’s been totally awful. Julio has been great but I still contend that was a terrible trade for a receiver, and trading a 2nd for 28 year old Hayden Hurst made no sense at all. People think of Atlanta as talented, but I don’t see it that way. I think they benefitted from Shanahan’s prowess despite their lack of talent and it has masked a lot of issues since.

A lot of this comes from having a Falcons fan for a friend and listening to him complain about Dimitroff for the past decade, so admittedly I might not be evaluating him fairly.


I’ve mentioned that I don’t like his need pivot in recent years. I think the drafts early in his tenure were pretty good.

You have to be careful with fans. One of my buddies is a Texas die hard and he thinks Rick Smith was an awful GM. :man_shrugging:

But I definitely don’t want Dimitroff’s recent draft approach. I think with a clean slate he’ll pivot back towards upside. Whoever our next GM is I want him to be hunting for stars in the draft.

Oh I know and I am utterly surrounded by Texans fans who don’t like Rick Smith either, but they’re your typical, overreactionary fans that every fanbase has.

My buddy who roots for the Falcons is more measured and thoroughly knows his stuff. He’s the opposite of a ranter, but will give a 2 hour presentation about why Dimitroff sucks. (Admittedly some of that would include Dimitroff’s turtlenecks and yoga-bragging and faux intellectualism).

Does he realize that if Dmitroff sucked the same way he sucked in Atlanta he would earn a statue in his honor outside of Ford Field?

Out of the retread GMs I actually like Marty Hurney’s drafts the best. But I think most decision makers are going to prefer a more new age analytics approach.

I initially preferred getting an experienced GM but I’ve become really intrigued by Joe Schoen of Buffalo.

Rick Smith wasn’t really liked by most fans in Hou. Many blame him for their QB debacle and their down fall. For those who like Smith. Ask yourself this one question. Why is it that HOU is in the GM market and he’s jot even in consideration there?.. they know him best and don’t want him back.

To answer the OP… out of all of those interviewed by the Lions so far … Dorsey is one in not high on. Riddick either. Neither excite me.

Bill OBrien. He’s my absolute don’t want. I’d bring Quinn back first.

That was Dorsey

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No first time GMs. We’ve been down that road far too many times for far too long and it hasn’t worked for us. I’ll take a retread who has hopefully learned from past mistakes. Preferably one who’s had a little bit of time to step back and actually reflect on some of those past mistakes.

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