Isiah Simmons is he one of the best defensive players we could draft?

I just really like this kid and he brings a lot to the table AND would be a handsome defensive playmaker in our defense IMO. what say you?

He’s one of my favorites as well just not at 3.

In a trade down at 6 or 7 I’d take him before Okudah.

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I like Simmons also. I agree not at 3 but in a trade down definitely.

Yep, we agree. Simmons is a good player.

He would be a much better pick than a CB that’s for sure.

Yea I like him to cub. I would say he would be a much better pick than any other player at any position, but that would be stupid right? LMBO!!

But Yes cub, he will be a beast, but need more of a difference maker in a much bigger hole (need) right now. We may not get a shot at a #3 ever again. But who knows. We are the Detroit Lions! So its anyones guess at this point.

Sure, makes sense. Use a first, a second, and a first in a 3 year span.

if we could get Young & Simmons I’d be very pleased because they are a big step in the right direction !

I have him as my number 3 player on my list.

I like Simmons but I think the hype is getting a little out of control. He’s still a major projection if you’re looking at him as a linebacker… doing linebacker things like taking on blocks and run fits are actually some of his biggest weaknesses. And if it turns out he’ll never be that great at it… then what are we drafting exactly?

We have to be careful about overvaluing versatile guys because we tend to count all those varied skills more than once before we’re certain they’ll actually translate. Take Minkah Fitzpatrick… he was another ultimate Swiss army knife and yet in Miami under a coach who wanted to play him in multiple spots, he sucked, and then started trashing the coaching staff to force a move out. He goes to Pittsburgh, they pencil him in as their free safety, and he’s an all pro. I’d be much more comfortable keeping Simmons a safety and then not only is he not as good a fit for us, but if that’s how it plays out, his versatility wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

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The greatest passing attack in college football history literally couldn’t get first downs until they totally avoided Isaiah Simmons.

I’ve haven’t seen anything like it in a while.

Simmons wont be a Lion. In a trade down, he’d be gone. At three, we have bigger needs than a player that plays everywhere, yet masters none. Great player, but not at three.

at #3 OA aka /1st pick, I want Chase Young.
with our second pick OR third pick I would like Isaiah Simmons .

those so far, are the TWO players that I hope are Lions. Our defense was dog poo in 2019 and yes I think Simmons HELPS to better it…along with Young…also have a hope for Dobbins.

Yes!!! Chase Young or Simmons please.

I made this point in another thread but IMO Simmons is a defensive Lamar Jackson. If you are willing to adjust your defensive scheme to him he can be an absolute superstar. If not he’s probably going to end up being over-drafted.

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Right, and we know it’s not gonna be us changing our scheme. Or at least the odds are against it.

If we ran an aggressive 4-3 and could slot him in as a weakside linebacker to cover for his struggles at taking on blockers and let him chase, that’d be the one way to comfortably use him at LB. Otherwise he’s Kam Chancellor which is great, but not #3-5 overall great.

Yes!! Get Simmons. Immediate help for D, even at 3. But Quinn will botch this draft. Trust me

Yeah we do have two quasi-Simmons’ in JRM and Killebrew and you see how much time they get in our defense. We also have Cabinda so we make room on our roster for guys like this, but none of them can put Christian Jones 6’3 250 or Jalani Tavai 6’2 250 on the bench for meaningful snaps. I would like to think if we drafted Simmons post TD, which would be fine, we’d put him in Jones spot to play WILL like a traditional 4-3 WILL. He’d stay in for Nickle snaps. Question is, how much do we see a JRM in sub packages. Some, but not top 10 pick some ya know?

6’4 230 Simmons
6’0 233 JRM
6’2 222 Killebrew
6’1 235 Cabinda

He’s a WAY freakier athlete than Chancellor was but I get your point.

IMO the way you get the most out of Simmons is making the Rover position as a third safety a starting position. Sort of like Arizona did with Deone Buchanan before his play fell off a cliff.

I actually think going 3-3-5 or 4-2-5 as a base defense makes a ton of sense in today’s NFL. Or it does against about 85% of the teams at least.

I’ve been saying this for sometime. No ones listening either. If you actually watch the kid play you realize he has a lot of holes in his game. personally I think he’s going to play a box safety type of role in the NFL and you don’t draft a box safety in the top 10. But even as a LBer … I still think he’s too raw to justify a top 10 pick. I like the kid and I think he will be a good NFL player but whoever drafts him is going to suffer through the growing pains.