J Herbert signs 5yr extension with LA Chargers

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS (via Twitter), the deal can actually reach $265MM with incentives. The five-year extension includes $218MM in guaranteed money, according to Daniel Popper of The Athletic (via Twitter). Schefter clarifies (on Twitter) that the extension contains $133.7MM in fully guaranteed money, $193.7MM with the injury guarantee, and a potential $218.7MM in total guarantees.

Rapoport notes on Twitter that Herbert will earn a whopping $100MM in year one of the extension, topping the previous one-year high of $80MM in earnings. This will be a significant raise for Herbert, who was set to earn $4.2MM in the fourth year of his rookie deal, per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter).

In terms of new money, Herbert’s deal will rank fourth at the position in full guarantees and injury guarantees, per Jason Fitzgerald of OverTheCap.com (via Twitter). Herbert’s overall guarantees will slide him in third among QBs, and his overall injury guarantees will rank second at the position.

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Herbert is a QB I would’ve considered extending. He’s probably the bottom QB I personally would consider. This contract is massive in terms of AAV. Just makes me want a Goff extension even less. Herbert might not be worth it…Goff certainly isn’t :man_shrugging:t2:

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I was curious where you were going to come in on Hebert and figured no matter what it would just confirm a no to Goff. LOL


I mean you can’t like the idea of an extension in the 50 million per ballpark can you? I mean no way right?

Morons. I’m fairly certain I’ve been told by experts here that you can only win if every player on the team has a rookie deal.


I know many people here is Eugene (including myself) who remain unconvinced that he has that “it factor”. Supremely talented and smart of course.


If the salary cap keep moving the way it has, I’m not sure I care. Thinking about it another way, would I rather roll the dice to find a replacement for Vaitai and Okawara. Or roll the dice on another QB. Honestly, I’d rather extend him now before the Lions make the playoffs.


The next Stafford?
What I mean, he plays for one team for 12yrs wins little or nothing and then moves on and wins big with another team. Definitely talented.

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The great thing about Herbert is that he looks like a QB, so it really doesn’t matter what he does on the field.


It really doesn’t work out. Sure everyone else is doing it so “he’s worth it.” But like most the guys who are getting these absurd contracts, they’re not.

But I guess everyone has an excuse as to why it doesn’t work out. The previous generation had to go through Brady…and now the current one has to go through Mahomes. For some reason that matters to some and qualifies as a legitimate out as to why it’s ok to not get to or win a SB.

Jesus. I’m sure Herbert is a high-character love football guy, as I try to be. But man I might just play one year and break an ankle that can never be repaired.

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I think you’re going to see a lot more of this. The Chargers probably don’t see themselves having a shot in the draft at anything better than Herbert already is. He’s a top 5 NFL QB (imo), and he has the tools to be in the top 3 very soon. In today’s market, why not? It’s a risk, but so is not signing him long term and having the cost of doing so increase by 40% in 2 or 3 years. The price of really good QBs has risen exponentially in the past 5 years, so why not get him locked in now? Hell, this deal will probably look like a steal in 3-4 years. Something needs to be done.

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Said no one about Goff ever. Which is a shame. I wouldn’t bat an eye if it looked like a steal three years from now.


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Joe burrow about to get PAID!
5 year 270m coming soon i bet.

For reference 2025 cap hits
1 Watson $63.98m
2 Rogers $59.30m
3 Allen $56.56m
4 Wilson $55.4m
5 Burrow ~$56m
6 Hubert ~$53m
7 Stafford 50.50m
8 Mahomes 48.69m

Then i could see
9 Tua ~$50m
10 Prescott ~$48m
11 Goff ~$47m
12 Fields ~$45m
13 Carr $45.70m
14 Murray $45.61m
15 Jackson $43.00m
16 D. Jones $39.50m

Note Lawrence, Lance and M. jones will be on their 5th year option as well
With Tanehill, Coustins, and Love as UFAs.

The cap by then will be around $240m

I think Goff will definitely earn a $45-50m extension



That’s the first thing I thought when I read the report as well.


At this point, Brad and Dan and the rest of the front office have been preparing for this for a few years. We are either gonna pay Goff a fair market deal or we are gonna say thanks but not at that price and hand the ball to Hendon and see what the old man has left in his arm. :clown_face:

What I’m trying to say is: don’t worry, this isn’t gonna catch the lions w their pants down like the Suh debacle and others before that one.


If he goes that route and decides to put all his eggs into Hendon’s hands because he doesn’t want to pay the market value for a franchise QB his tenure with the Lions could very well depend on Hooker’s success or failure. I’m sure he understands that and will make the prudent decision for this team.


I don’t know the cap rules and salary games well enough to comment. But you see one guy say he gets 100m in year one then you see this below, I’m assuming the 100m is a bonus of some sort and then the 19m is the actual cap hit while they spread the bonus around. I’m happy to let @DeadStroke correct my miscues. Or, one or both of these guys are wrong on the numbers they are quoting.

Schefter tweet:
By extending Justin Herbert, the Chargers lowered his 2024 cap number from $29.5 million to roughly $19M — noteable since LA currently has 4 players with cap numbers over $30M in 2024: 🏈Khalil Mack, $38.5 million 🏈Joey Bosa, $36.6M 🏈Keenan Allen, $34.7M 🏈Mike Williams, $32.5M

Successful QB’s drafted in the 3rd round since 1990:

Neil O’Donnell, 1990-2003

Brian Griese, 1998-2008

Chris Redman*, 2000-2011

Josh McCown, 2002-2019

Matt Schaub, 2004-2020

Nick Foles, 2012-Present

Russell Wilson, 2012-Present

Jacoby Brissett, 2016-Present

Davis Mills*, 2021-Present

There’s not a QB on that list that I’d take over Jared Goff. I don’t see any way you can justify not paying him.


This is what I don’t understand about the idea of Hooker as “negotiating leverage”. He’s a warm body. He’s as much “leverage” as Cooper Rush or Jacob Eason.

I don’t see how the presence of Hendon Hooker impacts contact negotiations with Goff’s agent at all. There’s no bluff to be made.