J Ramsey

Ramsey allowed a perfect 158.3 on throws that went to his guy.

124 yards
2 TD’s

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Most of them were to Diggs.

Man, the Bills looked unstoppable last night.


Humility and then you do your job and simply Walk away ….

Sounds like running back we used to know!


Bills looked much more ready to go week 1 than the Rams. I’m sure the Rams will be fine. But the Bills look likE Vegas was right about making them Super Bowl favorites.


The Bills looked great but that AFC is loaded with great teams.

Raheem Morris made a big deal about moving Ramsey around to maximize his playmaking ability last year… which enabled some free lancing… and IMO… it seemed to work well against QBs that aren’t too great, but not so well against good QBs.

Here are the games from 2021… and almost every team with a good QB had no trouble throwing on him.

Without Von Miller last night… Rams struggled to get pressure with a 4-man rush… which might mean they need to blitz more and continue to expose the DBs to more man coverage or soft cover 4 zone.


Okudah is better



Winning a Super Bowl with Raheem Morris is quite the achievement. It’s like the time I saw Jim Abbot hit an oppo double off the wall in spring training. Which is probably still the coolest sports related thing I ever saw live.


I threw a $10 free bet on Okudah to be the comeback player of the year at +8,000. :slight_smile:


Dang I wish there was a video of that. I don’t even believe it lol…

Amazing! That would be one of the more amazing things I’ve ever seen too.

This was it. Guess I misremembered and it was a triple. He hit it hard too. Wasn’t a cheap extra base hit.

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That is just so incredible. So did he hit right or left handed? I imagined it as right handed with just a left arm. But then again if you want any type of power I guess it would have to be left handed.

Just mind blown…awesome story

Left. This is later in his career but gives you an idea of his form.


I was actually listening to BYU with Shawn Bradley get bounced from the NCAA tournament on a radio at the time with some other Giants fans so I kind of had one eye on his at bat. But I distinctly remember the sound of the bat cracking and it was that major league hitter prime contact type of sound.

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Bills offensive line - which isn’t great - seemed to handle Donald really well. Didn’t hurt that Allen was getting the ball out under 2.5 seconds

I wonder if Donald’s heart is still in it. They pretty much had to convince him not to retire this off-season.

I think he used a potential retirement as leverage to get his contract increased… because his retirement would have been a huge cap hit that would have been tough for the Rams to absorb.

He supposedly sent them a retirement letter… which would have resulted in a cap hit over $25 million IIRC had it been sent to the NFL office prior to June 1st…. and the Rams obviously would have been hosed to “replace” him.

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They say it was a “bluff” but I don’t think that is a good description of it. I think he simply pulled a power move to make sure everyone was aware of the cards in everyone’s hand. And good for the Rams for taking care of him and not letting it get messy. LOTS of GMs would have looked at the situation as a challenge to prove themselves to the owner. All while risking the entire teams season for a few bucks to tell your boss “I’m a good boy, right?”


And now they have no depth anywhere…

SF gonna run that division this year… you heard it here first! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

I know I’m not the first to say that. I’m being facetious.


I actually predict the 49ers to play the Bills in the Super Bowl