Jack Campbell wins Butkus Award



Would love to Jack Campbell on our team, he seems like he’d bite some caps.

Edit: I guess I didn’t realize he was so damn big, 6’5"-246lbs.
I wonder if that fits our defense or if he’d be better suited for a 3-4 team.

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I would use our 2nd second round pick. If he’s gone before then well it wasn’t meant to be. I really like Jack and would love to have him here but we have bigger fish to fry.

He looks fast enough on tape. He reminds me of the inside backer from the Bengals. The kid from Wyoming.

If he’s a good enough player, I on’t mind if he kisses a little ass.
Butt Kiss award


I was high on him based on his size…until I started watching more games of his. If he drops to the 5th round, maybe. I wouldn’t consider him an upgrade over Barnes/Rodrigo.

It’s still hard finding a lot of full games for 2022 but more and more will be getting uploaded we can watch more and more LB play.

I’ve made no secret that I want TALL & FAST at the LB position. It’s a must when running a 4-2-5. I love Rodrigo and all but he really isn’t a great fit for this defense.

Guys I have looked at some.

Trenton Simpson 6’3"
Demarvion Overshown - 6’4"
Drew Sanders - 6’5"

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How tall is Jack Campbell?


probably right between Jack Fox & Coach Campbell

He also won the “Academic Heissman”…

The William V. Campbell, formerly the Vincent dePaul Draddy Trophy, is awarded by the National Football Foundation to the American college football player with the best combination of academics, community service, and on-field performance. It is considered by many to be the “Academic Heisman” and nicknamed as such.

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6’5" but appears to run pretty slow in the games I watched.

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He led the nation in tackles in 2021 and was the defensive player of the year in the B1G this year.

" Campbell was also named the Nagurski-Wooden Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and the Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year. The Cedar Falls native was named the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year, too.

Dan Campbell has plenty to tobacco spit to go around. Sounds like a culture fit here in Detroit. Jack has that “it” factor. Bleeds the game of football from his veins.

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Annnnd thats how the zombie apocalypse starts…good job Iowa!

28 days later horror GIF

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Yeah, I watched that interview and thought of him when DC talked about 4 players having “it”.

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With that statement are we 100% sure he isn’t Dan Campbell’s kid? Lol


Whatever NFL team picks him, they won’t regret it.

How fast do you have to be when you diagnose the play and are in position?

And that 3 cone was stellar… 6.74 if memory serves

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That’s just it for me. I see a guy that seems to “guess”, not “diagnose”. Too many plays he takes himself out of by running to the wrong hole completely and doesn’t even need to be blocked. He’s going one way and the ball the other.

When he guesses right, he looks great. When he doesn’t, he looks like a liability.

When you look at Rodrigo’s college film, there I saw a guy who’s first step always seemed to be headed to where the ball was headed. His issue was size. If Rodrigo was 6’5" he’d have been a 1st round pick.