Jackson’s Personal Foul

So why on a dead ball personal foul did it become 1st and 25 instead of first and ten? Seems like I’ve seen this a hundred times and in every other instance it was 1st and 10. Anyone?

I’d like to know what the hell happened

I wasn’t sure how it became 1st and 25 either, since it was a dead ball foul. Maybe I blocked out the explanation because I was so pissed at Jackson.

Play resulted in a first down. Since it’s a dead ball foul, yardage tacked on to the new set of downs. Instead of 1st and 10, 1st and 25.

Campbell said in his press conference that Jackson said something nasty about Clowney’s mother.

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what did he do

Lol, that takes some balls.

Sounds like we need more information about Clowney’s mother. What if she is, objectively, nasty? Maybe Superfreak was written about her?

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what is this? 1954?

Hell no, in 1954 we were three years from a championship…


So, the penalty was for saying something about somebody’s mother.
DC made the point repeatedly that there was a lot of talk. He clearly disagrees with the penalty without saying anything that’ll get him fined. Even while the penalty was being explained to him there was “talking” among the players.

I’m with the other guys who seem to remember a dead ball foul backing the team up 15 yards but it still being 1st and 10. For instance a team gets an interception and after the play they get a dead ball penalty. The offense still starts 1st and 10…just further back.

This is one I will have to keep an eye on because clearly I missed something about enforcement. But it would be our luck that even when we commit a dead ball foul its considered an extension of the previous play. :joy:


I just checked a ref blog site who discusses interesting calls for the day. They covered this one. They said what Jackson did wasn’t a dead ball foul. It was an “inbetween downs” foul. And apparently there is a difference. And the ref giving the call made sure he didn’t call it a dead ball foul…he specifically called it an inbetween downs foul as well.


yeah, but wtf did he say to deserve 15 yards?

I had a buddy who used to get into it with people and yell out “your mom’s a tax cheat!” It was frickin hilarious every time.

I’m guessing it had to be something about her weight…

how lionsesque

I am guessing that JJ was speculating that Clowney may be from sperm donor pool, not necessarily all hono sapien

Could have simply been calling him a MoFo.

One of the mysteries of this fascinating season.

It’s just another one of those subjective rules where a ref can decide when and where he wants to enforce it.