Jacksonville Shopping Fournette

Interesting… He’s been productive when healthy.

Maybe they take a RB at No. 20. More likely, an agonizing wait at No. 42.

Pass. Always banged up, not a great teammate, and not a great receiving back.

Sheeet I remember wanting Fortunette—a while ago…

Warren Sharp

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING Top 5 RBs in 2019 cap hit: 1. David Johnson - traded 2. Todd Gurley - cut 3. Le’Veon Bell - 3.2 YPC* 4. Leonard Fournette - trade block 5. Lamar Miller - now a free agent *worst YPC in his 7-yr career

Unbelievable how quickly these guys fall
If you broke RBs into quartiles, I wonder what the career length would be for — just guys drafted in the first 3 rounds. The first quartile may be 7 years — max?

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I posted this 24 days ago. Big, athletic back for bargain price.

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He does seem to have nagging injures, but he’s been effective. I also didn’t think he was a great receiving back, but he caught like 70 balls last year, I couldn’t believe it.

CEH is my draft prediction for the Lions. Great fit.


Jax looking to add ammo so they can trade up?

The Fournicator has been a disappointment. He was much better last year though. I’d doubt he’d have all that much value though.

He’d be considered a top 5 running back if he scored more. Jacksonville just has been shit during his time.

When you use respect, your knowledge shines. I totally agree with this.

This is why you should rarely spend a 1st round pick on a RB and why you should almost never give a 2nd contract to a RB. Draft them in rounds 2-4, run the crap out of them for 3-4 years, rinse, repeat.

This is my thought process as well. It’s shocking how many teams make the mistake of overpaying a RB.

It is clear to me that the best approach is to draft one every few years.

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I wonder if this has anything to do with Fournette vocally supporting Cam Newton as Jags new QB.

Well then. The smart HC would not trade him, he would listen to him and go get Newton so you wouldn’t be considered a jerk… right?

I’d add a talent like Fournette for a mid to late round pick easily. If it works out we are getting incredible value, and if it doesn’t we’ve lost a mid to late round pick and around 4 million. Well worth the gamble.

I don’t think Jax just wants to give him away. I think it would be a third at least.

He’s on the last year of his rookie deal, so I think a 3rd might be a bit ambitious. His base is $4 million and his cap hit for JAX is $8m, not sure why they don’t just let him play it out.