Jaguars just franchise tagged LT Cam Robinson

Now that’s a surprise. And not a good one. Maybe they plan to move him inside, but not at OT franchise tag money.


Welcome to Jacksonville Aidan Hutchinson!


Especially 2nd franchise tag money. He’s likely their LT next year.

Maybe they still take an OT to play RT.

Pretty much.

They just drafted Juwan Taylor for that in the early 2nd a couple of years back, and just added Walker Little last year in the 2nd (who had a good year by all accounts). They seem pretty full at tackle.



It’s easy to think that this may lead to Hutch being their guy at #1OA.

The only option i see is trade down or KT. Id prefer the former. KT is 100% about the money and not the game imo.


Does this really matter at all unless Robinson signs the tag?
Can’t the Jags pull (rescind) the tag back if they draft someone?

It does help hide what their plans are, though I have no idea why they’d want to… they have the first pick. Unless they’re trying to create a market for it.

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Assuming the opportunity presents itself. Maybe someone wanting to move ahead of the Jets or Giants?

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Sure glad we won that meaningless final game for either team against Green Bay.


Robinson started and the oline was still trash. The Bengals super bowl should prove you have to invest in offensive line

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Trayvon Walker, come on down!! I don’t wanna play chess…


I knew someone was going to say that.

It was just a matter of time.


If they signed him to a massive extension I would second guess the OT at #1. Facts are they may not want to throw a rookie into the mix at LT on opening day. Can take Neal or Ekwonu and play them next to Robinson at LG and let them replace him in 2023 when they let him walk.

Honestly doesn’t move the needle that much IMO.


It’s possible, but far less likely now than it was yesterday. Them letting Robinson go had been taken as a given and now they have a bona fide glut of tackles. Drafting a 4th tackle seems unlikely. Now maybe they move on from Taylor, he’s been pretty underwhelming, but that’s about the only way I see them going tackle.

Frankly I’ve had them going Hutch from day one and continued to believe it, even as tackle became more plausible. These tackles just aren’t worth the 1st pick. That said Hutch and Thibs aren’t flawless prospects either and maybe FOs have downgraded them enough that the tackles begin to make more sense. I wouldn’t grade them that way, but I’m wrong a lot.

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Lol at people suggesting trade down again. Every year, like clockwork. Like it’s a simple pick up the phone thing.

They probably stay put and take Travon Walker. I’d take the top OL and solidify that line for a decade, but that’s just me.


Jax just pissed in our corn flakes :angry: :cry:

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This is a bummer for me, was hoping for Hutch. Trade downs aren’t the easiest it seems if you’re a Lions fan, doesn’t seem to happen. I would say Tibbs, Walker, if Hutch is gone and there’s no trade down opportunities to their liking. Time will tell. I just feel like all the DEs are close to each other and you can get a good one in the top 12 to 15.

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Maybe Seattle called Jax, and Jax figured they might not get a tackle at #9OA.