Jalen Ramsey requesting a trade

Jalen Ramsey got into it with the coach yesterday and is demanding a trade. Not often elite corners go on the market. Per nfl.com

Good corners frequently become available. It happens all the time.

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For the most part, I’ve been pleased with our corners. Night and day compared to Nevin Lawson. We actually have descent #2 and #3 corners in Melvin and Coleman. Depth looks pretty good.

Apparently one of the main beefs is that he wants to play man-to-man and Jacksonville wants to play zone coverage. hmmn

Deion Sanders
Darrell Revis
Champ Bailey
Charles Woodson

Not only can you get your hands on good corners, you can even scoop up elite corners if you really want one.

Not saying we need another corner but good thing the Lions have some spending money.

We we were to get him(which we wont) we would have 2 top 5 CBs…they would be sick

We didnt think Mike Daniels was an option either. If we got Ramsey? Our defense becomes elite. Overnight. I dont even like Ramsey and id be calling to ask.

Ramsey-Slay would be instant top CB tandem in the NFL.

I’m all for adding him to our team. Our secondary would be a tough matchup for any team.

Coverage sacks…yes I have a dream

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Get Jalen and Fitzpatrick and then our Madden team would be unstoppable!


It would make sense for a team that can afford the pay him a new contract. Detroit already has a lot spent on a couple FA CB’s added to the team.

We can afford to make a move if we want to. What some good teams have done with these guys is pay them top dollar but for short periods of time. As far as our roster is concerned, I look at it like this. Who is better, our right tackle who will remain nameless or Jalen Ramsey? Because we can give our RT money to Ramsey as a big part of his extension.

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Just don’t see him coming to Detroit. And what’s to stop him from pulling an AB and ending up in NE? And I don’t see him as a good fit in our locker room or with our coaching staff. I get it the guy is special…but he’s also a guy that just got into it with the HC on the sideline.


I’d resign Tabor and trade him straight-up for Ramsey, it’s brilliant!

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I can’t see this happening unless the Jags throw in a conditional 4th with Ramsey


I don’t think the Lions are going to do this trade anyway.

He wouldn’t be able to pull an AB with Detroit. You should know our history. We’d much rather force a player into retirement then facilitate a trade or grant their outright release.


The funny part is, he got into it because the coaches want him to play zone, and his strength and preference is to play man. Well, I happen to know a coach who runs a ton of man coverage…

And yes, he instantly becomes a fit for both Tennessee and Pats. Id cite Miami, but they are looking to offload talent, not try to get better

I wouldn’t give up a 1st for that drama queen.

We need to pay Slay. I think we’ll keep looking in the draft for a better outside corner.

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