Jamaal Williams vs David Montgomery

Jamaal will be missed as a personality and culture fit. His play on the field won’t be.

Honestly I think @DetroitStrong could get 10 TD’s running behind Sewell. Have you seen his highlight tape!? Dude has the football in one hand and a cig in the other. No one can tackle him.

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C’mon man that’s just BS. He was one of the highest graded pass protectors in the league and his first down numbers were like top 4 or 5 for RB’s in the league.

For sure. It’s just meant as we will be fine without him. I know Jamaal is elite in short yardage.

Montgomery is a heck of a pass protector as well if I’m not mistaken.

I knew when I made that comment it wasn’t going unnoticed lol


I think so too, man. He’s gonna Do great, barring some freak injury.
Levels & layers.
Level of play is higher than J-Will
Level of leadership likely lower, but not floor-level lower.
Like this …leadership
J-Will 10/10
Montgomery 8.5/10

While that matters, it’s not like Dave is a slouch, ya know. :wink:

Good One Lol GIF by Justin

Always pushing buttons! haha

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I don’t think of him as a dominant #1RB. I think of him as a better version of Williams. Looks like he got the bulk of the snaps in Chicago, but split his about evenly with Herbert/Fields. If we did get Bijan, then Montgomery is his backup. If we got say Gibbs, then it’s probably more 50/50 and leaning on whoever is most healthy between him and Swift for 2023. Either way I still think we lean heavy on RRBC. I’m just not that big of a fan of Monte as a “workhorse” back. I didn’t get the Schwartz tingle when we got him. More of a meh…


I LOVE Jamaal……but for about half the season I would cringe when we handed him the ball. He gets what’s there but not a whole lot more. He also didn’t catch the ball very well last year. Again loved the guy and wanted him back….but also want us to draft a RB fairly high.

I think a dynamic 3 down RB would put this offense over the top.

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That shit sounds sexy as hell!
I would love ot get either one of 'em.

Wanna add that I agree w/everything you say here. Have to go RBBC. No more workhorses in modern day NFL.

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Really Bald Beautiful Carnivores!

Weeell there are some still and they are the ones getting paid even in the short term. Henry/Barkley/Jacobs/McCaffrey. I personally was good going after Jacobs, because he’s a high volume guy that doesn’t get nicked and is still young. But they franchised him. Bijan may be that next guy like that. I think someone will strike earlier than 18, but if he falls, man it would be so hard to pass on him. I know it’s rich. I’ve got guys I like later on Gibbs should be there in the 2nd, but I like McBride a lot. I feel like we’ll add a guy for sure, but adding the Bijan cherry on top of our offense if he’s there at 18 may be just too good for BH to pass up.

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Per usual at draft time…I hope you are right, brother. Rooting for a badass RB early

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adam sandler reasons GIF

Only one missing from that meme is Williams agent and it wouldn’t be a kind look.