Jamel Dean FA CB

Add a 1A or 1B and Dean, we are off to a better secondary!


This is the kind of signing I am here for. A plus player that’s still relatively young


I’ll take that and I would be even more excited if he’d go ahead and call his boy Lavonte and let him know it’s getting serious in Detroit.


This is the area I want to see us spend some $. I would love a top end 1 or 2 outside CB.

I would be good with this. There’s a few other CB’s heading into free agency that I like as well


I have been on the Jamel Dean bandwagon for quite a while. My issue is I don’t see him as a true #1. He could be a serviceable #1, but don’t mistake him for guys like Ramsey, Sauce, Jaire, Surtain, etc. He is not a top tier 1 or even tier 2 CB. He is more like a tier 3 guy to me. To further explain,a tier 1 CB to me is your shutdown guys. There is only a handful of these guys in the NFL. The next tier are your borderline all pro type of guys. Maybe they make an all pro once or twice in their career, but they aren’t shut down guys. I would put a player like Darius Slay in this category.

A tier 3 CB is a pro bowl type player, but not a top 10-15 CB. I would say a guy like James Bradberry would fit into this tier. This is where I would put Dean. If we ranked all CB’s in the NFL, Dean would probably land somewhere in the 15-25 range.

My issue is, just like JC Jackson last year, he will be paid like a top 5 CB. JC Jackson got 16.5mil last year as the top FA CB and completely busted with the Chargers. Jackson busted so bad that if he had played enough snaps to qualify, he would be the only CB in the NFL who ranked lower than Amani Oruwariye per PFF grades.

Jamel Dean is likely looking for 17-18mil per year which would put him in the 6-8 range in AAV among all CBs. I am not out at that number, but I’m not in either. The only saving grace is I think in two years he will go from being the 6-8 highest paid CB to likely not even top 15.


All FA players get overpaid. That’s why building through the draft is so important. But the price for a solid 1 cb is worth it. And Dean would fit our defense. We wouldn’t ask him to do anything he didn’t do in Tampa. Jc Jackson was a terrible fit going from completely different styles of defense from New England to LA.

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You just explained why we should pay the man, you called him a Pro Bowl type player. This defense could use a Pro Bowl CB more than anything


Like I mentioned, I’m not against it. I made a post about him a couple months back as someone who should be our top off-season target.

Paying 4-5mil AAV above market value can really get teams in trouble in the long run. I feel like Dean is a 13-15mil AAV CB who will get paid 17-18mil AAV.


This was the writeup I posted back in December.

Anyone got any strong opinions on this guy? He has been a guy who has seriously intrigued me for awhile now. He is a bit under the radar simply because he has had Carlton Davis ahead of him for his entire career. He has started games every year he has been in the league. He has missed 7 games in four seasons so he has been pretty durable. He has great size at 6’1" 206 pounds and his RAS was a 9.93 coming out.

RAS – 1 Jan 20

Jamel Dean RAS

Jamel Dean was drafted by Buccaneers with pick 94 in round 3 in the 2019 NFL Draft out of Auburn. He recorded a Relative Athletic Score of 9.93, out of a possible 10.0. RAS is a composite metric on…

PFF has never graded him below a 76.7 coverage grade in any year of his career so his worst year would still have him ranked 15th in coverage grade this season. He currently has the 5th best coverage grade out of all CB’s. Per PFF, his run defense was very average most of his career, but he has made a major jump this season.

According to the below article from PFF that was written before this season, he has given up the fewest yards per coverage snap in press coverage of any CB in the NFL since 2020.

PFF – 17 May 22

The NFL’s Best Cornerbacks in Press Coverage: Xavien Howard, Jamel Dean and…

Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard has posted the highest PFF grade in press coverage over the past two seasons.

No NFL cornerback has allowed fewer yards per coverage snap in press coverage since 2020 than Tampa Bay’s Jamel Dean, often the forgotten man in a unit also containing Carlton Davis and Sean Murphy-Bunting. Dean has allowed just over one-third of targets into his coverage to be caught for only 0.34 yards per press coverage snap across that span.

So he can play press man defense at a high level, has the body type we look for in an outside CB, has elite RAS scores which Holmes seems to value pretty highly, and is reportedly a fantastic person and a man of character. On top of that he is only 26 and could theoretically continue an elite level of play through a 5 year contract.

Bucs Nation – 27 Apr 19

Three things you need to know about new Bucs CB Jamel Dean

With the No. 94 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay continued to fix up the secondary. Here, we have three things you should know about new Buccaneer corner Jamel Dean.

> “I just thought wow, this guy, he’s the total package. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s smart, he’s got everything that you want. He’s a great person, both on and off the field. He’s a joy to be around.”

Dean’s head coach, Gus Malzahn, was just as complimentary of him:

> “When he’s healthy, he’s as good as it gets, I think. But he’s been resilient, battled through adversity. When you do that it just makes you stronger. He’s got great character, he’s an excellent person. I think his best football is ahead of him.”

To me this kid checks every box that this staff would have and fills a massive need on this team. If you told me I had to choose between Dean or Payne in FA, I’d go with Dean, IMO. I also think he won’t cost as much as you would think because he has been in Carlton Davis’ shadow his entire career. Considering Carlton Davis resigned with the Bucs last off-season for under 15mil AAV, I would think Dean doesn’t top that. I’d give him a 5 year 70mil deal with 35mil in guarantees.

Just curious if anyone else knows a little more about him or has a different opinion.


Dean isn’t a true #1 CB though. You would not have him following around other teams #1 WR He has been in Carlton Davis shadow his entire career. Maybe he takes another step in a new scheme and proves to be even better than expected.

So PFF graded him as a top 5 cover CB if I’m reading that correctly? I’ve seen the dude play plenty of times, that & his PFF grade combined I think he would be a slam dunk #1 CB for us


PFF has been extremely high on him for awhile. Just remember, he has been second fiddle his whole career to Carlton Davis. When the Bucs have a CB shadow a #1 guy it is Carlton Davis and not Dean. Now I believe in 2022 the Bucs let each guy play their side more than they did in the past so maybe they were starting to trust Dean more.

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Him & Carlton Davis are both studs. They have a bunch of talent in that group.

So it seems for someone to be a true #1 in your book they have to follow the other teams best WR around the field, is that accurate? If that’s true then where we might differ is I don’t need a CB to follow someone around, so long as they’re locking down one side of the field & getting #1 results

Edit to add: Excellent post you put together in December btw. Thanks for doing that


Davis isn’t above Dean. The way Tampa plays a lot… is they put Dean on the #2 wr… but typically give him help less often over the top than Davis. And they used them pretty interchangeably.


When both healthy… which hasn’t been a lot.

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Honestly I like Byron Murphy. He’s a good player, fits our D and is 25. He had been healthy up until his back injury this year… but that’s going to take some digging into his recovery.

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A true #1 locks up the guy across from him and has the ability to shadow opposing #1 WR. Those guys are certainly rare.

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Lavonte would be a nice pickup but I’d rather try and sign Gardner-Johnson to pair with dean. That would give us two position groups on the defense that were strengths.


So what you’re saying is. He walks in the door here as CB1.


He is 100% CB1 here by default.