Jameson Williams eyes immediate return after putting himself through two-a-days


I can understand if he doesn’t play many snaps immediately…

but there is NO WAY he should be inactive in favor of having Marvin active.

Jamo is more valuable than Marv even if he is simply a decoy ona few go routes and fake reverses…. plus Jamo could play special teams if needed… and Marv doesn’t play teams.


You can bet Goff and others are putting in extra if jamo is willing.

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100% this

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Now, if he’s as smart as I hope he is, he’s been watching the games over and over and paying attention to how the long routes have been run and is ready to hit his spots walking in the door.
He had enough time with the team to learn the play book, plus, a lot was carried over from last year.
It really shouldn’t take that long if he’s been doing his job.
I hope he’s hungry and pissed at me.:laughing:


I’m very thankful they’ll now have ample time to see what he is before the trade deadline. They should be busy on that day (hopefully before). Best case, he proves me wrong. But I highly doubt it.

rotflmao…so you think just because a “rookie” with 4 games under his belt and 1 reception is putting in extra work it is going to motivate a bunch of vets who already put in extra to do more???

Sure, OK

They aren’t trading him this year no matter what. That’s absurd.


LOL. I think he meant we might want to to trade for another WR

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I need Marvin active so that I can take the UNDER on his receiving yards.

I’m reading as Goff and the gang will put in extra with him if he wants it. I don’t think he was saying that they would only do extra work because they saw him doing it



I’m so looking forward to this guy working himself into the fold and developing into a difference-maker as the season progresses. Man, he’s so young and clearly in love with football.

I didn’t mean trading him. I meant trading for a WR after they see what he is. You think Jameson Williams is a move the sticks, get the tough yards guy? Go over the middle and take a hit? Does he block? To me, he’s John Ross, a sprinter who can get behind a dB, but has consistent mental lapses and quite frankly just can’t catch. I see him as a minimal value player. If they feel differently about him, that’s fine. I just hope they get the answers they need over the next 3 games so they have time to add a real WR before the deadline. Orrr if I’m wrong, Jamo slides in and adds value. I’d obviously prefer that, as it costs nothing further to add the WR. They desperately need a legit WR added to this roster. Finger crossed for Williams to be that guy. I’d gladly eat crow here. As of right now I see a guy who has been in the league for 21 games, of which he’s played in 6, has 1 catch, 9 targets, and has had on and off field issues. I’m not holding my breath. I really hope Holmes and co aren’t either. This team has a real shot at doing something special this year. Complacency should not be tolerated.


“It’s not just that Jameson Williams couldn’t practice during his suspension. He couldn’t participate in meetings, even virtually. He couldn’t get his hands on a playbook. He couldn’t even get treatment on his injured hamstring from team doctors.

Can’t play in games? Okay. A meaningful fine? Sure. But unless we’re talking about real criminal activity, it’s hard to imagine an infraction in response to which separating the player from the structure and support team activities provide makes any sense.

And not allowing a guy to study the playbook or get medical treatment because he’s suspended?


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It’s very unlikely that the next three games will be definitive on Jamo, either way. If he does very well, it’ll be on limited snaps, yet again. If he doesn’t do well, the braintrust will be patient with him, as they should be. They have at least two more years on his rookie contract and examples like Barnes and Anzalone where patience is paying off in a big way.

I can maybe imagine them taking on a half-season WR rental at the trade deadline if affordable, but that’s about it. My guess is that they’d rather invest in getting more from Jamo over the rest of the season than bringing in someone else who’ll take snaps from him.

This week the over under is 3.5 yards for Marv. Which is actually more than he averages per game. Tough call.

I don’t think we need the WR you described at all, we have ARSB and Laporta to be the chain movers. The biggest things this offense is missing is a redzone threat and a playmaker that can take any touch to the house. With Jamo and Gibbs hopefully we have two guys thatmature into the playmaker role.


I agree 100%, I don’t think this separation from the team was well reported and its Bull Shit. Yet another rule change after the Lions pay the price!

Brunell from the article:
“Again, we’ve got to make sure everybody understands the humbleness part of it. It’s not like he’s the fix-all, be-all from that standpoint, but he brings a different element us and many other teams don’t have,

We have a top offence without him. He just has to do his part.