Jared Goff’s passing chart shows where the Lions offense is limited

wow that’s terrible. I’d take shots downfield and intentionally overthrow it so maybe the receiver can catch up to it or nobody gets it. I mean it’s too easy for the D to play in those 5-10 yards.

I remember in one of the game threads people complaining he took the deep shot, passing up the open shorter receiver.

I’d presume it comes down to are the receivers getting open on the deeper shots or not?

It could be they want to keep the clock and ball moving down the field. Give the defense rest and shorten the game. With the line injuries plus defensive ones, it kinda makes sense.


Yep, not sure what people expect, no protection, no wr’s.


I’m fine with a deep shot on 2nd and 1… but it seems like the few times Lynn’s dialed up deep shots, it’s been on 1st and 10… and then an incompletion makes it 2nd and 10, and we’re throwing twice because we’re behind the sticks.

I’m perfectly fine with a run-heavy offense that relies on strictly play action or short passes. Everyone worries about safeties creeping into the box… but we had zero completed long passes on something like five attempts last game, so the Lions clearly aren’t a deep threat, yet they were still averaging 4.5 yards per run. Just ignore the long pass entirely, or only try it one 2nd and short. Until defenses stop our RBs or swing passes, why bother? The number of drives where the Lions have shot themselves in the foot due to long incompletions or sacks on slow developing plays is infuriating.

TLDR: I think we are actually attacking downfield too much and at the wrong time. We know what’s working- let’s stick with that.

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Maybe to be able to hit the WR when he does get open.

Dan Campbell agrees with you.

“I think he’s trying to take chances, sometimes, at a fault,” Campbell said. “I think he’s trying to get it downfield sometimes when maybe he ought to go to the first look.”

Don’t know how you win a game that way though.

Long, sustained drives. We’re built for it. We’ve had success with it. We’ve got a running game with good consistency and good YPC and a QB who is very accurate on shorter throws, with a good TE and pass-catching RBs. We’re literally designed for a ball-control offense.


We have nobody to threaten downfield. Hockenson nor Swift are deep threats. Williams and Perriman were meant to be that, but one has been injured and the other cut. Cephus and Amon Ra are both short to intermediate threats. Kalif has the speed to get beat, but he is obviously not a jump ball guy so he has to rely solely on his speed. Hodge has the best athletic profile to be that for us, but he is a guy we picked off the scrap heap. We really have no good downfield threat at all. Maybe he didn’t want to come back, but Marvin Jones would have looked good this year and really didn’t get paid much by Jacksonville.

If this offense was high-powered and could score in 3 plays 75 yards with 1:13 time of possession, would you sign up for that??

What would that do to this defense playing mostly rookies and backups? By the 4th quarter, they would be done.

Instead, the Lions have been in every game an have had easier 4th quarters because they wear down opposing defenses and keep it close.

The lions this season have a + .43 second time of possession through 5 games and if you look at all their opponents, they are all ball control running teams except the packers. That was the most lopsided loss.

Goff needs to be better despite what is around him. Not all the fumbles are on him and every QB makes mistakes every game, but still. He is starting to play too rushed.

What I see is a team that keeps getting better every week and also loses key players every week. One step forward, one step back.

Cephus was becoming a go-to receiver and now he is out for quite some time. That one hurts the offense a lot.

As to Evan Brown, he’s play well as a backup but he has also allowed free rushers up the gut at least twice in the last game on a simple stunt and it resulted in a bad sack taken by Goff each time.

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Patriots ran 88 plays in the Super Bowl 4 years ago.
Longest play was 28 yards.
Brady threw 62 passes, and only about 5 were more than 10 yards downfield.
Falcons defense was gassed for 4th quarter and OT.

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when has that happened? Our WR core is full of AAAA players. They are rarely open deep. It also doesn’t help that our QB only throws to his first read 85% of the time.

Against a team like Minny, short quick passes are there by design.
It would be nice if Goff could connect on a long one once in a while.
Although if the one deep ball had been thrown better it would have been an INT. .

Too bad we never got that kind of production out of Griffith when he played here.

Our WRs are all fringe NFL guys, Goff was set up to fail this year.

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Gawd, I love this sort of agitprop drivel…lol…Notice how deep shots suddenly become anything over 10 yards when Cousins’ chart is compared to Goff’s ?!

You can’t change a closed mind that is willfully ignorant & shamelessly spins the facts to fit their agenda, just roll with it for the yuks.

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No matter how ya slice it - this isn’t working so far, and I hope they get it figured out. It is a BIG deal for our team, if Goff is the long term answer.

The big deal is that the team that you need to have on the field to make that assessment is not there. Goff has made his share of unforced errors to be sure, but this apples to oranges spindoctoring is not helping weigh blame overall, assess what can/can’t be fixed with him under center. Plenty of key stats in the splits/adv stats charts on PFR for those who need less graphics & more, y’know, actual information.

Same issue, different delusory result in Ram nation: I’ve never seen so much 12 personnel, so much shotgun with so little pressure allowed, so many WRs open deep , yet it’s all just Stafford unlocking the same offense. Truly hilarious. Until the laughter stops like it did vs AZ & quite a bit vs SEA, then it’s all about Morris’ defense & Matt’s finger, those stoopid corrupt Zeebs, etc.


I agree w/all of this. Like I already said (maybe you were/werent responding to me),

I’m rooting for Goff. I am not convinced he is OR isn’t the answer. Rooting for the dude. So far, it’s inconclusive as to wether or not he is the future. The fumbles and sacks are what I find troubling. The picks are what they are, and it is correctable, especially when we get better talent.

I’m not educated enough on much of this stuff to respond (or even care). I didn’t even bring up anything about a Ram and/or a Ram QB.
That said, as someone who has seen every NFL snap that Matt has played, Goff is a significant downgrade from Stafford (from what I’ve seen so far).

Further, I don’t care if it’s Tom Brady, Wilt Chamberlin, or Russel Crow playing QB for the Lions - NOBODY could win games in the current scenario we have now. I am purely looking at the performance given the circumstances.

Do you guys ever remember a more hodge-podge group of misfit WR’s on a team?..like ever!

I just don’t know you can be critical of any QB throwing to these nobodies?!?!

Again, no protection and no wide receivers …but yeah, let’s try to blame the only decent player we have trying to throw to these misfits.

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I feel like you’ve missed an opportunity there with a receiver actually being named Hodge.