Jason Garrett just became available

He’s probably done coaching for a minute, but I’d take him in literally any capacity over the current shitshow we have.

He had some success with the cowgirls in the past, but his tenure with the Giants has been real bad. That offense last night on MNF rivalled the 2021 Lions offense.

The Giants were 31st in scoring in 2020. And 25th this year so far before his firing. The Giants have scored the fewest Touchdowns of any team in the NFL the last 2 years combined, dead last.

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None for me, thanks. He’d be a massive upgrade, but I want to contend for it all, not contend for playoffs. We’ll be firing our OC within 5 seconds of the end of the last game. LOL.

Trade one fallen head coach OC for the current one?

Garrett is probably a better OC than Lynn but he would not help this dumpster fire that much…


Nagy used to be an OC for KC, would it be PC to have him go to HR and leave some PR?

It’s going to be a long 6 years at this rate…

I’d rather Dan find the OC version of glenn. Some new blood with innovative ideas. Find us the next mcvay or shanahan.


lol, this is gonna turn into the next “get Stafford more weapons!” debate isn’t it? The problem isn’t Dan Campbell, we just need to surround him with brilliant football minds so his, uh, coaching talent can really shine!

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That’s true of all coaches though. With a few exceptions any coach that’s going to succeed needs a strong staff around them.





Love how you cats are disagreeing with e/o, and I agree with all of you!

We ended up with Glenn because Dan had ties to him.

Interestingly enough if I’m reading the bio correctly…Garrett and Campbell would have played together with the Giants. They would have just missed eachother with the Cowboys. And they both have ties back to the Dolphins and Saints organizations. They both ran the same forty time. :rofl:

I wouldn’t call him. This video from Orlovsky explains why:


I’m really staring to dislike orlavsky. He’s not some sort of cerebral football genius who just didn’t have the talent. He’s a schmuck.

Before his halcyon days as an embarrassing Lions back up he was a quarterback at ……UCONN.

I’m from and live in Connecticut. I played my high school ball here. Connecticut football is a joke.

Dan Orlavsky can fuck a rolling donut .

He aspires to be the next Colin Cowherd.


There is a little more than meets the eye on that play.

#1 - The play was 3rd and 3 yards to go.

#2 - The Giants obviously expected man coverage and a blitz from Bowles… who showed 6 man pressure pre-snap.

#3 - Bucs dropped out and rushed only 3 guys… on 3rd-and-3 to go!!! DT Nunez-Roches made a better drop than most Lions LBs and completely confused the intended target (Toney), who adjusted the depth of his route too deep… causing him to nearly collide with the WR trying to pick for him.

#4 - While only rushing 3 and dropping 8 guys… Bucs still ended up with 1-on-1 blocks against Suh and Shaq Barrett… and got pressure in Danny’s face within 3 seconds.

#5 - Even though the Bucs showed pressure… which Saquon would have been able to see pre-snap… he ran about 13 yards directly into the CB covering the flat… without turning his head back to the QB or adjusting his route at all.

My conclusion:

The play call by Bowles was perfectly timed… and the Giants players didn’t execute.

Anybody can see that play and say, 3 receivers all running into each other in the same spot, somebody or bodies screwed-up. There, that’s my breakdown of the play.


Looking at the snapshot…I blame Goff.



This view shows the WRs weren’t alone… who is the center waiting for there??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The DT backed up 3 yards at that time… and he still doesn’t think it might be useful to go help on Suh?

To be fair, there is such a thing as a delayed blitz or rush. If he goes to help with Suh, #56 would probably start his rush then, possibly.

what kind of 10 yard split do DTs have?

Pretty sure he didn’t need to worry about a guy that takes almost 2 seconds to run 10 yards in underwear.

If he blocks Suh… Jones can run right up the middle and possibly get the 1st down.