The legend of Garnder Minshew. Looking good!

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6th round draft pick…

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I’m holding out for preseason hockey.

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That’s Gardner Flint Minshew II.! LOL fear the stache!

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Let’s go Red Wings clap clap clap clap clap

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Although I did watch them lastnight, tonight is all about Vegas.

But for the Wings, it looks like Michael Rasmussen isn’t a total loss yet, so that’s a plus.


Making 0.3% of the cap for the next 2 years.

Poor Nick Foles. Dude is destined to be a high paid backup QB.

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Beware Brady! Could it be the next G O A.T. ?? LOL

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What a great story that Vegas franchise has been.

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So much so that I can’t afford preseason tickets! LMAO.

But yeah, it’s absolutely transformed the entire city. I still can’t believe it.

I’ll snap out of it when I have to hurry up and edit audio for postgame reactions LOL.

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Ramsey’s lookin’ fine. You may call it an advertisement.

Joe & Troy look excited to be there.

For the old 247 crowd, Josh Allen is still being disrupting.

Actually, I’m happy he was off the board draft day. With Hock, I believe he is a better fit here. Didn’t feel that way then.

Hello…is this thing on?

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Tough crowd tonight, huh ?:thinking:

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Foles looks like the scientist nobody wanted to believe until it was too late in basically any monster movie.


Mariota is awful. He is not a starting caliber QB and it’s been obvious for awhile.


I was really hoping Josh Allen would fall one more spot. But knowing what I know now, I bet Quinn still takes TJ

And yet, he’s won a Super Bowl.

I’m beginning to side with you.

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