Jimmy Haslem is the Devil

That’s what the other 31 teams are thinking…

Lamar just turned down $250 million w $133 of it guaranteed. Wanted full guaranteed. Playing out last year of deal.

A player who is his own agent has a fool for a client.

Teams are not going to follow that contract…

Hopefully not Njokus either.

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Jimmy Haslem is our friend. Kind of like Kweze. Bad GM’s for other teams.
I think you’re right, no one is going to follow Watson’s contract, but we really don’t have to worry about it. Let these guys play smahtest man in the room and bring their franchises down!

They were talking about Lamar on the radio the other day. 133 million guaranteed of 250 million is 53%, Quarterback contracts next year will be 300+ million, multiply that by 53% and you’re at 159 million guaranteed. That’s an extra 26 million guaranteed.

I don’t know if it’s worth it or not to wait a year, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…or was it a hand in the bush and a bird in my hand? I don’t know, I’m not good at math.

Would I give a running QB 300 million dollars? That’s a tough one. He’s an exciting player but who is the last running QB to win a Superbowl…or even get to one? It’s one thing to have some mobility to escape pressure like Russell or Patrick but a QB who relies on his legs more than his arm doesn’t seem like a wise long-term investment but wtf do I know.



Well, the Lions haven’t caved to blocking matador Hock yet, so there’s that.

We now have a 20m OG. A great guard but still. I think we’re about to see salaries really ramp here. I do agree that the structure of the Watson contract has to be a big issue for most other owners.


If I were negotiating my own contract, I would put in a “handsome clause” that guarantees I’ll shave my head before each game (not kidding).

Ppl would read that shit and be laughing so hard they’d miss the parts of the contract I distracted them from.

Truthfully, I’d go team friendly deal with lots of incentives. I’d work out other ways to make piles of money and get other gazillionaires to help me raise money for kids and single mammas…educate the shit out of these little buggers & teach them about building a good life for themselves and a good society for all.

Would that $20M guard be Quenton Nelson who was ragdolled by Demetrilicious when he and center Ryan Kelly double-teamed him in practice?

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I’d rather have Goff than this dude.

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He’s following in the path of other running QBs that burn out very fast. They don’t have any longer shelf life than the typical RB. It’s insane they offered him that. It’s more insane he didn’t take it.


They actually have built a very good team that fits Lamar’s style of play for this season. Their draft was really, really good and by taking Kolar AND Likely don’t be surprised to see some 3 TE sets, this is going to be something of a throwback O. Kolar is on IR to start the season so probably not right away. With Linderbaum at center, a decent group of RB’s, expect them to be able to move the ball.

Still with his style of play he is more likely than not to get injured and if he misses significant time this season with injury he’s likely to get far less guaranteed.

I think he’s crazy for turning that down given the way he plays.

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The shitty thing is if he gets to free agency, someone is going to give him that money. There’s no doubt.

I assume they will franchise him a couple of times if they can agree on contract. Perhaps they would have his replacement in place by the time they can’t franchise him again

I keep asking

Why isn’t Lamar worth a guaranteed contract ?
He’s young enough to be still getting better
They know his character and work ethic to know
If they believe that’s worth $133m why not $250m ?

If it comes to questions of durability and injury
If that comes to pass
Push nfl to alter salary cap injury player rules since you have to pay the best players
But can’t guarantee they won’t get injured …

He gives ravens a great chance to win

Oh I definitely see you with some kind of airheads contract. A helmet full of cottage cheese, naked pictures of bea Arthur , 200 copies of moby dick. All kinds go goofy $h!t. Lmao

Ha! …and everyone would be happy with our winning team!