JJ McCarthy Named Starter for Opener! Vikings

Wow this seems very bold at the least and crazy at the most. It’s so early and Darnold is usually fantastic in PJs (training camp).

Vikings Confirm J.J. McCarthy as Starter for NFL Season Opener (msn.com)

Going with darnold to start and transitioning to JJ if darnold struggles seems the more natural approach. I’ll admit that bold decisions often work out great like trading away Alex Smith for a clearly better Mahomes… but these decisions also often blow up as now Darnold is not motivated and JJ needs to be able to handle the pressure or he will get booed off the field quickly.


Wow at least have him earn it. They had a pajama party where qb’s can’t be touched.


Yeah I wonder if there is something in his approach, reflexes, or philosophy that had Kevin O’Connell already say “This is definitely my guy” OR is this a Kwesi telling Kevin, you play this guy or else…

Please be the latter… as this would be another Krazy Kwesi move that is stacking so nicely!


Honestly don’t think I can remember a head coach naming a rookie qb starter after OTA’s. Very strange.


Did you read the article? The headine reads JJ will start, but the entire artice reads like Sam Darnold is starting.

Also, I read several articles this morning suggesting that JJ will start the season as the #3 guy.


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Yes I did read it twice as it’s short and it doesn’t talk about Darnold hardly. There is this one vague line at the end that I assume you are referring to.

While McCarthy’s official debut as the starting quarterback may not be immediate, the groundwork is being laid for his successful integration into the team.

Could be a case of an editor changing the meaning with a click bait title. Wouldn’t be the first time.


I only asked because I thought maybe I was mis-reading something. It happens with me sometimes.

Either way, I think it would benefit McCarthy to sit behind Darnold, at least for a few games if not the entire season.

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In many ways he is more nfl ready than caleb williams. They have different skills to learn.


That wouldn’t be ideal.

There’s no quote or anything that makes me think this is true.


Seems like another clickbait title as per usual. Smh really hate what journalism has become


There is very little journalism any more.


I hate clickbait season.

probably from a 19 year-old intern who’s fifth choice was to work in the sports department.

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This popped up on my feed and I waited until I could see it here….

It’s like an article titled: Sun to Explode; humanity annihilated

And then the article itself talked about the time line of 59 million years to this “possible” event…


I think someone is

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Checks schedule…

Weeks 6 and 18.

didnt make this bruce lee GIF

Riding my face?


Don’t blame the journos, or the people who want to do that work.

There is little decent paying work to be had in traditional media anymore. Downsizing began way back in the 80s.

There is more money to be had writing copy for companies, blogs and website copy etc. than writing for sports outlets especially, who typically pay crap. The writers exist, including talented journalists, they just have turned their attention elsewhere to pay the bills. It’s a real tough slog to make it as a real journo these days.

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