Jman Mock 1.0 For Old Time's Sake

He is definitely built to play inside. I was actually surprised he was trying to make a career at DE, which I didn’t know before doing the research.

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I’m really starting to like these two guys, along with CB Garrett Williams, Syracuse.

Does Murphy have character concerns? I’ve heard some smoke about effort but that’s it. His production isn’t too bad for a kid in his 20 year old season.


All of it?

No. I just dont like turning 6 and 18 into 16 and 27.

Feels like its too diluted.

I mean, they told Mozart his compositions had too many notes and he asked which specific ones to pull out…I love that movie…so you are absolutely Mozart to my Salieri and its just Id rather not go that format.

Understood, even if it means the show goes on for 2024 ?

And those extra mid round picks in 2023 part of the move down scenarios from 6 for a team that wants a QB and from 18 for a team that wants a WR?

Agree. Replace TE Washington round 2 with defense … now what?

Bijan & OCyrus +2024 1st

Then all defense.

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See, I’d like it a lot in 24. lol