Jman Mock 2.0 + Offseason (last one til April)

CUT - Brockers 10 mil, Stenberg 1 mil, Cephus 1 mil
Restructure - Big V & Romeo save 7 mil Total Cap=34 under

Resign - DJ Chark 4 year 45 mil Deshon Elliott 3 year 27 million John Cominsky 3 years (step up from MVS & Tracey walker 2022 contracts)

Also resign - Hughes/Buggs/Jamaal/Board 2 years

Retain- ALL RFA & ERFA

  • Justin Jackson Josh Woods??

Splash UFA Signing - Germaine Pratt MLB Cinci

Other signings - QB Heinicke (Minshew/Darnold) DT Wormley (or J.Phillips) NB Troy Hill
TE Shaheen 1year (or Hurst, doubtful)

Let Walk - E Brown, Anzalone, W. Harris, A Bryant, Sudfeld, Amani O (J Jackson & Woods can go if it effects comp calculations)


Top 5 in Draft - Young QB, Anderson DE, Levis QB, Carter DT, OL or Edge#2
6) Trade down with Carolina CJ STROUD for Frank Reich ATL& LV pick in front of them.

Lions get - #9 + 2024 1st + 2023 3rd for #6 & 2024 3rd

9- Witherspoon CB reminds me of McCourty
18- Bijan Robinson RB our Gurley
***trade up 2 Day Two picks to end of round 1 * **
25- OCyrus Torrence dominant RG didn’t allow sack either

Day TWO - I’m HOPEFUL here
Kancey DT …(Ika, Mazi, Morris other options DT)
Battle SS/NB…(Forbes, Philips, Smith, Hickman, Brown Joseph other DB)

Oluwatami C/G
LB Winters/Pace
CB Rush
Edge Horton

UDFA- Moody K Strange TE Merriweather S

QB- Goff ---- HEINICKE
RB- Bijan ---- Jamaal ---- Swift
FB- Cabinda
WR- DJ Chark ---- Reynolds
WR- Saint Breezy ---- Raymond
WR- Jameson

TE Y- Brockenson ---- SHAHEEN/Strange UDFA
TE X- Mitchell ---- Zylstra

LT - Decker ---- (Sewell)
LG- Jonah ---- Kayode/Skipper
C- Ragnow ---- Oluwatimi
RG- Ocyrus T ---- Kraemer
RT- Sewell ---- Big V

DE- Hutch ---- Romeo
DT- McNeil ---- Kancey
DT- WORMLEY ---- Buggs
DE- Cominsky ---- Pascal ---- Horton

SLB- Houston ---- Harris (trade) ---- Julian O
MLB- PRATT ---- Barnes ---- Winters/Pace
WLB - Rodrigo ---- Board

CB- Okudah ---- Houston —- Rush
CB- Witherspoon ---- Jacobs
NB- HILL ---- (Battle)
SS- Elliot ---- Battle
FS- Kerby ---- Iffy
---- ---- PUP Tracey Walker---- ----

  • K Moody ---- P Fox ---- LS Daly

If we need extra 4 mil during draft time, we TRADE CHARLES HARRIS for a 7th to 3-4 team.

**2024 Draft = 1a , 1b, 2, 3, 5, 6,7 **

Stafford Trade scoreboard = Goff, Iffy, Jameson, Witherspoon, 2024 1st round pick

**PS guys- NB Lucas S Meriweather LB Pittman Woods DT Levi O RB Jackson & Reynolds Benson& Kennedy WR TE Griffin OL Eze OL Nelson S CJ Moore DT D. Taylor DT Benito Jones CB Price **

we don’t end up with NOAH SEWELL this time around, but in 4 years when his rookie contract is up and PRATT is up…he will be our MLB then!!!


I will peruse that when I have a bit more time. But, I will throw this mini-mock out there as I start spending some time Fanspeaking. I just like seeing these scenarios playing out in realtime. Several of the big boards are say, surprising at this point in the year. But themes especially up top are starting to emerge a bit.

Just our first 5 picks here.



I think you are over-valuing what trade compensation would be from Carolina for pick 6.

Much more likely to get pick 39 from them and maybe a future 2nd as well than next years first.

Either way, it would be great to move down ASSUMING we aren’t smitten with someone at 6.

For me, I think we are set with draft capital and think we should grab whomever the best defender is at pick 6. If things shake out that it’s a CB, then do it. If it’s a DT, do it. Ditto for EDGE.

Pick 18, I’m open to Bijan but would prefer another defender.

Round 2 I would like a Guard and likely another defender.

Round 3, if we haven’t taken a RB yet, let’s see who is there……or maybe take a flier on a guy like H Hooker


Trade chart says we could get a 2 & 4 from them. They got a bunch from mccaffrey

I know that whenever a team goes up for a QB somehow the price includes a future #1

We get a late 3 this year from them (SF)
We return a higher 3rd next year to them (MIN)

I respect…. A lot went into this!

There is more I agree with than disagree with for sure…. I feel like Brad has to execute some serious 3-D chess this offseason, as this might be his last shot with an abundance of resources like this…

We all seem to know we badly need a RB, WR, RG, DE, DT, LB, CB, SS, NB, and backup OT, TE, QB….

That’s 12 holes to fill…. but not all have to be starters or impact players, and we have a bounty to work with…

Cut- Brockers, Big V, C Harris, Cabinda, Cephus, Bell- 24.5MM… this gives us 40MM with 41 under the cap….

40MM- 14.5M for draft… leaves 26.5MM

Since we will likely draft 8-9… and sign 7 players… we will replace the bottom 6 salaries and that will save about 4.5M

Total 30.0MM entering free agency- need to sign 7 total….

  • also I would note that Brad has a pretty clear pattern of drafting WR, RB, IOL, DT, LB, and S…. Lots of them and well-

—— The guys to really consider in 3-D Chess are Chark, Elliott, Brown, and Commish…. Why? All 4 could easily get 7M APY type deals, likely more….

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You lost me with the mock trade


I can hypothetically predict every aspect of the off-season

But hypothetically predicting a trade (we do it every draft and multiple times last year)

That’s the out of bounds no-no huh :thinking: interesting


Love the effort and time that goes into a post that detailed @Jman

I’d take that offseason for sure.

Man that O-line would be killers with O’Cyrus @ RG. I think I could get us a few TD’s behind that line. I know @DetroitStrong would get us at least 5 TD’s behind that line.


I feel like there’s a .02 percent chance that Bijan lasts till 18. If you want him, you have to pay. And I know how well it’ll go over to suggest taking him at 6…
6. Bijan. I’ll eat those tomatoes tomorrow.
18. Jerry Porter. Right now, considered the 3rd or 4th best CB in this draft. But he fits. Press up, let Hutch and Houst take the qb down.
48. Cody Mauch. Release Vatai for the money. This guys steps in day one at RG. Possible future Tackle.
55. Jammie Robinson. S from Florida St. Highly versatile safety, able to play in the box.


What if Commish wants 7M? Is the combo of he and Paschal vital to the D we want to run? Was his extra bulk needed due to what we had inside? We have to plan for success but be prepared at this point in the journey…

Edge- Hutch/Da Problem/JOK- I don’t think we need anyone else stealing away snaps here…. If we weee stout inside, I’d even want more of Hutch and Houston at DE, so I don’t see any room here- plus 2 and 4 years left…

BDE- Paschal and Okwara…. Is this enough if we get more stout inside? If not then Cominsky become more vital? I just can’t see paying Commish 7M APY and keeping Romeo for and extra 11M, and burying Paschal? That 23M APY on 3 guys to get 400 snaps each?

  • Conclusion: either pay Commish and release or trade Romeo… or keep Romeo and get comp pick for Commish- as keeping Romeo costs about the same as cutting him and signing Commish…

Also it’s very likely T Wilson falls to us. He might be the perfect BDE to start in front of and rotate with Paschal…. I think he might the best player available outside of. Robinson, OT, Branch…. Until I see combine I can’t be sold on a true CB1 I don’t think.

  • what if we cut or trade Harris and Okwara, let Commish walk, and draft Wilson or Murphy?

The beauty is we don’t have to make the Romeo decision right away. If Commish doesn’t sign with us quick, early and fair price… then we can hold onto Romeo until we see who is there at #6… he will understand, we’ve paid him plenty not to play.

  • I would sign Commish, hopefully for 5.5-6M APY-

I love Brads track record with safeties like Joyner, J Johnson, Fuller, Rapp, and Kerby…. So I’m planning on SS in draft vs Elliott for 9M!

I don’t know if Chark would take 4 and 44M, and I’m not sure I’d offer it- he’s an enigma. I think I’d offer 3 years and 27M with 12M guaranteed, but performance incentives to hit another 3M in bonuses each year. If he plays 14 games it’s 2M and if he hits 800 yards 500k or 7 tds 500k each season… if his comp is more tied to him being out there, than personal stats, then we can spread the ball around without drama.

I think Commish, Swaggy, Buggs, and maybe Chark makeup out return guys…. If Chark wants more than a deal that pays him 12M a year or close to it… the. Peace!!!

I love your idea of Pratt- it says 7.5M APY on sports….seems like an 8M average per guy to me? He’s not a cornerstone like Roquan, nor a one player away for a run guy like Lavonte or Bobby Wagner.

Commish- 4.5
Chark- 6.5
Swaggy- 3.5
Buggs- 2.5

  • 17M…

That leaves 9M…. but since we kept Commish, I shopped Romeo for a trade and Seattle offered a 6th- now we have 16.5M toward 3 free agents in 2023-

  1. G Pratt- 6.5M (3 yrs 25M)
  2. C Sutton or J Dean- 8M (4 years 40M)
  3. D Locke- 2M (3 yrs 7M)

Drew lock has an 8-13 record playing with shit coaching on bad rosters…… I’ll take his arm and mobility with Ben and Brunnell as a cheap backup with no guaranteed money, and then take a late mobile backup.


its fun to do what you did, but thats all it is. Just fun. While I respect everything you did, and would be very happy with it all, its not happening. Not that trade at least.

Anzalone should come back.

I am predicting Bijan Robinson will be a top 10 pick. I think it’s more likely he goes 6th and Witherspoon goes 18. I don’t like his size tbh. I think Porter is my favorite CB. I also like Antonio Johnson.

Well here’s my dream draft:
Trade up for Carter. Lose a 2nd round pick.
18 - CB Joey Porter
2nd - LB Noah Sewell
3rd - RG
4th - CB
5th - Kicker
6th - TE
7th - QB

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QB- Goff/Lock

LT- Decker/Sewell
LG- Jackson/Awosika
C- Ragnow/
RG- /Kraemer
RT- Sewell/

TE- Brock/Mitchell/

Z- Jamo/Raymond
X- Chark/J Reynolds

RB- /Swaggy/Swift/J Jackson

  • on offense we need a starting RG who hopefully can play C, and a swing OT…. Starting RB, backup slot and developmental QB

Edge- Hutch/Da Problem/JOK
NT- McNeill/ /B Jones
UT- /Buggs/Levi
BDE- Cominsky/Paschal

MLB- G Pratt/Barnes
LB- Rodrigo/

NB- C Sutton/Lucas
SS- /Walker
FS- K Joseph/Iffy
CB- Okudah/Jacobs
CB- /cheap FA

Draft requires- RG, RB, DT, SS, and CB

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I’m not a big fan of mock draft trades, but if the Lions somehow figured out a way to come away with Witherspoon, Robinson, Torrence, Kancey, and Battle in the first two days, I’d probably have to change my pants.

Could easily be
Bijan at 9
Spoon at 18
Sure no problem!

As far as trade goes…

If Carolina only offers us a late 2 and late 4 mccaf picks

We still end up with :

Day 1
Bijan, Witherspoon, OCyrus Torrence

Day 2
Kancey Battle

Day 3
Olawatimi, Winters, Horton

And with the extra Day 3 pick we can go whenever you like with that…

Clark Philips CB/NB Or Tavai DT if one of our day 2 guys ain’t there

In 2024 we’d have 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 5,6,7 Comp 5,6,6

Nothing that drastic changes just the fact that trades for QB usually require future 1st round pick …our trade didn’t

That’s my dream bro

If it happens I’ll venmo you so you can go get some new drawers


I truly think trading #6 for the #9 and gaining #39 and #113 is pretty realistic since the Panthers have 2 seconds…

  1. Brian Branch- SS
  2. D Witherspoon- CB
  3. C Kancey- UT
  4. John Michael Schmitz- RG/C
  5. Z Charbonnet- RB
  6. G. Williams- CB (this years Jamo)
  7. Dorian Williams- LB
  8. Charlie Jones- Slot backup
  9. DTR- developmental QB
  10. Davis Allen- TE (red zone)

Hutch/Da Problem
McNeill/Buggs/B Jones

G Pratt/Barnes
Rodrigo/Dorian Williams

Okudah/Garret Williams
K Joseph/Iffy

If Walker gets healthy then we have all kind of options and G Williams coming back next year. Even if we just get 9 and 39 for 6 I’d take it.

I like some of your ideas you lost my interest with your draft past rd one.

but good effort just not what I think they do. They don’t get attached to players like you in draft . You IMO made some bad picks an wasted picks with the bad picks. But just My Opinion.

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How do the Lions get comp picks in 2024 if they sign Pratt, Heinecke, Wormley, and Shaheen…,

when Evan Brown is the top paid guy lost??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Really like the work.

6 for 9 and 39?

  1. ?
  2. Witherspoon
  3. C Kancey
  4. John Michael Schmitz
  5. G Williams
  6. Dee Winters
  7. DTR
  8. Charlie Jones

So at #9 and #55

B. Branch and Z Charbonnet


Bijan Robinson and Jamie Robinson

I think Pratt is a strong suggestion for a target, and I would like to add a guy like Sutton too….

We have guys like Paschal and Commish who can kick inside. I think adding one guy in round two or three like Kancey, Mazi, Ika Benton and pairing that player with Buggs and McNeill and hoping for Levi to come back could be a solid rotation.

Mazi and McNeill would clog the middle and hold up strong….

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