Joe Brady as a HC?

Ok, time for Patricia to take the first flight out of here. I’ve voiced Joe Brady as my preferential candidate for the upcoming HC vacancy in other threads among other potential candidates. I’m just curious what everyone’s thoughts are on Brady specifically.

That’s kind of the way Detroit needs to go. Get one of the new, young, up and coming coaches. McVay worked out pretty well for the Rams.

It’s risky but what the hell.

I mean that’s kind of my viewpoint. If it goes wrong, there isn’t anything to lose.

I disagree. We desperately need stability and a strong personality who has already had success. I know Del Rio is a retread but he’s a guy that’s had success at multiple locations and would have little patience for underperformance.

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That would be fine. Wouldn’t love it but he’s competent which would be a big improvement. I prefer Lewis.

Jay Gruden is interesting. I think he’s a really good offensive mind and if we’re trying to nail a QB pick I think he’d be a good way to go. Maybe he even would have a plan for Stafford.

It doesnt matter put anyone of us as hc and it be the same results lions just suck we need to accept it

Tank the season hire cowher/dabo/insert name as hc and gm. Give them 20 mil a year and 20%ownership stake. Rinse and repeat until the fords are minority owners

Cowher … no chance. Would be great but just can’t see it. Dabo? Nah.

I think Harbaugh would be the most realistic big news hire.

We have no idea if he can build a program. He knows how to call plays. But I need to see more before I go there. I wouldn’t care if he had been a HS head coach. I just wanna see someone who knows how to find talent in players and find talent in coaches. Which is something I thought Caldwell was good at. Except for Lombardi.

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Cowher hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2007.

Pretty bad that our best gm in detroit right now is either steve y or troy weaver

Unless it’s Urban Meyer, I promote Bevell to interim HC and wait until the offseason. I’m all in for a Tank for Trevor.

Why would you want to be cute with the next head coach? Seriously we can’t afford to try another experiment. Lots of these coaches have had success at some level but do you remember all the snafus our first time coaches had? Not for me. There’s already enough risk in getting the right players. Give me a tried and true NFL coach that can demand respect because he’s already had success as an nfl coach. I’m all for creativity from the coordinator but I don’t want any more nonsense from the head coach.

Urban Meyer is the only coach that could possibly bring me back in with this club.

Really? I’ll be pretty fired up to see a new GM/coach combo and hopefully a young elite QB prospect. I’m just ready for something new.

You realize that coaches like that tend to not be available because they don’t get fired right? All the coaches available with HC experience are guys that have already failed.

Good Coaches get fired every year. Most become a coordinator for a few years then go back to head coaching.

It’s not always that cut and dry. Did Marvin Lewis really fail? He lasted 15 years and finished over .500 in a franchise that had just went through a 12 year run of averaging less than 5 games per season. He took over a team that went 2-14 and went 8-8 the very next year. He built that team back up on three occasions. I think there would be a high degree of likelihood that he could at least replicate a Jim Caldwell level of success.

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I just don’t have it in me for another roll of the dice. Nothing appeals to me whatsoever of another rebuild. Quinn and Patricia have set this team back years. There’s just so much more losing ahead as another regime builds their team.