Joe Mixon Anyone?

He’s been a model citizen, as far as I know, since he’s been in the league.

Is he a guy we should consider?

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Tough to say might be a money thing we dont want

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We shouldn’t give big money to a RB his age. He’d be a third contract guy and 2nd contract RBs are usually bad ideas. And if he’s leaving Cincy because he wants more money, he’s not likely to take a discount to play here.

Plus, whether he’s acted up or not, he’s a douchebag. I have a buddy who was a lawyer in his civil lawsuit, and Mixon just refuses to pay them for their services. And since OU is their main client and don’t want any of the Mixon stuff back in the news, they’ve asked his firm to just let it go.


Wanted him since draft day, not paying $12-15 million for a back though, not with this OL


Seems to be happening a lot these days.

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Just can’t get over the past here. That video…

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Why do we want a turd? A scumbag? Hell no.


If Carter is now off the board this dude done been off the board

I’d throw that at Josh Jacobs, but not Mixon. Once a turd, always a turd.

Zero interest in Mixon.



Well I’m probably exaggerating a bit on that level of dough. I would spend some FA bucks on him though. Coming off 2K scrimmage yards and he’ll be getting an upgraded Oline, Offense and less carries. If we keep Jamal it will probably cost half of what Jacobs will, but we need to fill the spot and if I get a better Jamal, which he most certainly is, then it takes some of the sting out of the number. He’s young and has been extraordinarily healthy for a mostly between the tackles back. We’re likely not going to pay Swift next year so we’re going to have to replace some snaps. I know it’s the taboo money on a RB, but you are going to have to do that to keep Jamal and if you don’t then you are looking at having to draft/replace your two top guys.

I think its sort of a weak RB class tbh. Jacobs walks in the door as a guy who scares a DC. Said DC would have to deal with him and the rest of this offense. Someone is going to drop a first round pick on Bijan, hoping he can do what Josh Jacobs just got done doing.

And it was dropped less than 24 hours later

Honestly I like our RB room as is, if we resign williams.

Leonard Fournette is a guy on my radar.

  1. He can block
  2. He can catch
  3. He shows up when the bright lights come on (Playoff Lenny was a nickname given to him) Just look at his 2020 Playoff performance. MC/DC consistently preaches on this - guys that show up when the pressure is on.

Swag, Fournette, Swift is a seriously talented backfield. The big question is money. How much are we going to give Jamaal ($4-6 million?) and how much is Fournette going to cost?

Ahh my bad I didnt know that… Thanks.

Even if you take the character concerns out for me I’d say no.

Running back is an area where I think you can use significantly less capital in draft and grab a guy who can make an impact.

I’m only busting out $$ for a true do it all running back who is good in all facets and you just don’t see much of that anymore.

Would trade good picks for most of them and wouldn’t throw big $ at one. Seems like a position where you can consistently find good value.

The problem with Fournette is he ONLY shows up when the pressure is on. He doesn’t have much interest in the regular games. He’s the kind of player Dan and Brad are trying to avoid IMO. He even sat out college games he could have played in.

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Yikes. A lot of coincidences with this guy.