John Johnson to the Browns

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FUDGE! This is the one guy I wanted signed in Detroit.

Yea, we need some help at safety. Walker is one starter but I have no faith in any one else on the roster at safety.

For the draft gurus, how’s the safety position in the draft?

I like it a lot, actually. Richie Grant, Paris Ford, Wiggins, Moehrig, Washington, Hufanga, etc… I like Cisco too but he has to cut down on his mistakes.

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The writing was on the wall after Romeo signed his contract, IMO. That was the money for JJ.

I guess Brad is confident in his draft magic.

S Holland from Oregon is Very Good…Sat out 2020…Ball Hawk…Fingers Crossed…

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Anyone else think that the goal here is to find the next John Johnson in Round 4 or 5?

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He found Fuller in the 6th last year. This year he has the luxury of a 5th to find a safety.


I don’t think we had enough cap space for both, and it could be that Johnson thought his career would be brighter going to Cleveland instead of Detroit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lions draft a Safety at some point, and probably sign an FA one too.

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Cleveland is a lot closer to competing at the highest level then we are. :man_shrugging:


There were also reports that the Lions and KG were on the phone today. If they got strong indication from him that he may be interested in coming back then they may have pulled out of Johnson sweepstakes (TWSS)

Edit: and there goes KG

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I think safety will be a priory in the first 3 rounds for us. It’s a deep safety class and I think we could grab two.


Only so many total picks this year… ugh this was my 1 big hope. POS ripple effect


I was just a smidge off on my guess for his value… this was from the thread that included the poll about signing Marcus Johnson and Johnson Johnson.

He ended up with $11.25 mill AAV… but the $24 mill guaranteed is more important.

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[quote=“Thats2, post:4, topic:9502”]
Paris Ford, Wiggins, Moehrig, Washington, Hufanga, etc… [/quote]

Paris is fun to watch play. He’s a little bit Darnell Savage like. Not quite that rangy but I think he has better instincts.

Like Savage he’s hyper aggressive and could stand to be more disciplined but he’s quite the talent and again, super entertaining to watch.

Since this thread is about John Johnson, Paris Ford’s teammate Damar Hamlin is probably the most John Johnson like player this draft. He was one of the best cornerbacks in the country before going to Pitt and later converting to safety. If we’re looking for that John Johnson/Merton shanks type he’s not a bad option early on day 3.

Good good

About to be released by the Browns. We were supposedly interested when he was in FA back in 2021 - the kind of player Brad would target on a one year prove it deal.

He is more a free safety though, we need a line of scrimmage/ down hill thumping box safety.

Agreed — FS type is not our need there

Side note —
seems like big $ 3 year deals end after 2 years
4 year deals after 3
Those contracts are not good cap management in my mind — not a fan
Those deals end up costing too much when the player is cut a year early
Am I missing something?

Johnson got $24 million of the $34 million in the 1st two years… and is due another $10 million in 2023 if he stayed there.

It isn’t a huge difference… but that is kind of the cost of a team like Cleveland landing top tier free agents.

I think the best outcome a team can hope for is the player succeeds, and then they can extend him and push some of that money farther into future years.

I like Johnson… but would be surprised to see Holmes pat a safety big money at this point.

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John Johnson is definitely a guy I would keep my eye on. He was a leader in the secondary for the Rams and would probably come at a reasonable cost. I would take Johnson over Elliot because of Elliot’s injury history and the cost is likely in the same ballpark.

People make too big a deal about SS and FS here. This scheme is meant for the safeties to be interchangable. Both Walker and Kerby profile as FS, but I guarantee you they will be sharing the field for plenty of snaps this upcoming season.

Also, John Johnson played more snaps in the box than at FS during his best season with the Rams in 2020 while Holmes was still there.

My guess is a 3 year, 18mil deal gets it done in a very deep safety class in FA.

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