Just realized Patricia is still the coach, now I'm sad

I don’t think I’ve ever been less excited for a season then I am for this one. Somebody help me out! What can I be excited about this year?


Whatever you believe about Patricia, the players like playing for him.
Flowers and Daniels in particular have cited him as the reason for coming. He is somewhat conservative offensively but he is peddling toughness and if he gets good corner play this defense could be dominant. So, chin up!


DL, TE & RB is enough to peak my curiosity.

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From a purely entertainment standpoint no one will be as entertaining as Schwartz. But I don’t mind Patricia, beats old dead eyes.




Now this, this is the overwhelming support I needed to lift my spirits.

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I think there are a good amount of things to look forward to this season…

New offense - Bevell brings a good amount of experience with him and was at least somewhat versatile in his attacks during his tenure in Seattle

Golladay becoming a true #1 WR - I think it happens this year, I doubt he puts up Hopkins/AB type numbers but I could see 1200-1500yds/10 TD’s

TE actually being an asset - Gone are the days of Ebron/scrub/scrub as our depth chart and no reliable blocker among them. TE will be a very important position for us and we have plenty of bodies to fill the position

D-Line - If Harrison signs and everyone stays relatively healthy we should not have a problem dominating the point of attack and keeping our LB’s clear of lineman.

Davis/Tavai improving - Both as the season goes on and in camp, This is a make-or-break year for Davis and he should have the opportunity to be special if the D-line plays well.

Stafford- Finally having a running game AND defense, He will do a lot more dumping off than before and may need to use his mobility more also but his overall numbers should improve. I’m guessing around 3500-3800 YD’s and 30-35 TD’s…Can he keep the turnovers to a minimum?

And last but hopefully not least…

Winning the damn division for the first time ever! (slight…very slight exaggeration here) - This division is wide open imo, Bears have the defense, Rodgers is Rodgers and Minny is solid overall but nobody is a can’t miss anymore. Let’s raise a banner and get a home playoff game.

Now, it is the Lions so maybe none of these things happen but if 3-4 of them do we may finally be able to have a winning team and culture here in the D


Green Bay looks like hot trash?.

Daniels and Snacks the new Williams brothers. (Kevin and Fat Pat)

Flowers and Hand and Kennard and Okwara go wild w teams dealing with the interior and Slay/Coleman/Diggs.

Davis and Tavai go sideline to sideline thumping.

Kerryon Healthy.

Matty healthy.

Marvin healthy.


Not to mention A’Shawn Robinson up front too. Plus a lot of people are talking up Walker. And then there’s that Hockenson guy, plus James and Thomas at TE, and frankly I like Amendola in the slot. He ain’t Golden Tate, but he ain’t no slouch either.


I like depth. I thought the D we had that was what, 5th in the NFL in turnovers was one of the better coaching jobs we’ve had in this organization. Enter Patricia, goodbye past D and we had to go thru some pretty serious “pains” to get the new group in. Didn’t have the players to make it work but Snacks was a big part of making the turn. Suddenly, there was light. And now, in their 2nd season they have depth in the D that they want. Last season we lost games for a host of reasons but the lack of turnovers on D and the increased turnovers on O had to be #1. The D simply couldn’t hit the ground running with players whose skill sets didn’t match where they were going. Quin knew it, he wanted out before the season even started. He’s gone, it feels like we have the right guys now and depth seems to be pretty good on D for sure. On O, OL and WR group still seem, and I’ll be as kind as I can, questionable. TE has been shored up. They absolutely screwed up going into last season with that group, but now it seems that they knee jerked their way into a group that may be their best asset on O. I like these guys right now 3 deep and maybe 4. The RB group has depth, simply put this is a better team than what we fielded last season. I’m not sold on the staff, at all, but I will give them credit for having better players almost across the board going into this season. If that doesn’t translate into more wins, well, at this point I don’t even want to think about it.


It’d be tough to beat 2015. 1200+ passing yds came from dumps to backs, and that’s not counting TEs. That’s over 25% of his total passing yards.

I am hoping he can adapt to taking significantly more snaps under center.

Yeah well, Tate ain’t Tate. Especially the first 4 games. I can’t express how disappointed I was to hear he got popped for ped’s.
Bob let go at the right time. At least Amendola will be playing.

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NFS, good point about Tate. Another thing I’d like to add to this discussion…the weakest link in our O, even given all of the injuries…was JBC!

Biggest offseason upgrade, not only to the O, but to the team, was Bevell. We absolutely will experience some early growing pains in learning the new O. Once we start getting it, gelling, and opening the playbook more, this team will be dirt nasty on both sides of the ball. I’m smelling some OL upgrades next offseason. All teams have holes, and Cooter lacked the talent to compensate for them, even when they were healthy.

If we manage to go .500 over the first 6 games or so, I’m predicting an 11 win season.


Did you read into why/how he got popped? He was taking fertility treatments at the recommendation of his doctor, discovered after he started that a banned substance was included, and self-reported. While it still doesn’t make sense for a player to ever put anything into his body that he’s not absolutely sure isn’t banned, it’s not like he was pulling a Lance Armstrong level long-term scheme here, or that he tried to cover it up in any way. He was trying really hard to have kids, realized he screwed up, and reported himself.


I really hope that’s 100% true (not “based on a true story”). I always viewed Tate as a fairly high character dude. Hope it all gets sorted out so he can get back to kicking ass and having fun.


I called JBC a fraud the day Lombardi was fired. Look at 2015. First half, all playoff opponents. Second half, only one. JBC also bagged the Lombardi playbook and went back to cherry picking plays that Stafford liked from Linehan.

And then everyone was oh so confused as to why our offense was so predictable. It was because JBC dumbed it down and was Stafford’s lap dog.

Don’t forget what Caldwell said when he came to the team. “I am going to fix Stafford”.


Someone should have explained that dudes can’t get pregnant no matter how much he identified as a woman.


I really did like Linehan. I thought he was much more creative than anything we’ve seen in detroit in awhile.

JBC was awful…but he sure did look good compared to Lambo. LOL.

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Mike Martz.