Justin Rogers mocks OT Penei Sewell to the Lions

  1. Detroit Lions — Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon: With Justin Fields still on the board, the Lions face a couple of tough decisions. First, do they pull the trigger early on a quarterback despite being so far away from contention? Second, do they get a good enough trade offer to justify passing up on a potentially elite prospect at another position? Unless Denver or New England come to the table with a package of picks that bowls them over, Detroit would be better served staying put and adding Sewell to an already young and talented offensive line.


Rogers basically asks all the same questions we’ve been debating for awhile here.

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What do you think is the plan? Move Decker to RT? He may not be too happy about that. Or play Sewell at RT?

If Decker, who doesn’t want to get vaccinated, ends up with COVID-19, Sewell moves to LT (and, maybe, Decker gets Wally Pipped into playing RT).

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God, I hope not.

If the Lions believe that Sewell will be a PB level player, then IMHO it would have to be one shit-hot trade down offer to pass on him. If it’s not too far down though maybe they could still get one of the other top OTs on the board this year. Or maybe a top 3 WR or Parsons. But it ain’t easy to be a good team if you don’t have a good OL, and if Sewell is as good as advertised then it wouldn’t be a bad move to take him if he falls to us. And I would not take anyone else at #7 if Sewell is there.


Ahhhh…the fresh smell of judging folks with different political views…especially when fantasizing about bad things happening to them.
Such a brilliant & welcome contribution to any conversation.


He stole that idea from me. That was my idea. One of my many original thoughts…

Not political at all. Just a purely practical consideration.

And, you incorrectly assumed that I have a different view.

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:wink: :ok_hand: gotcha
judging those with opposing viewpoints and fantasizing about bad things happening to them.

not political

Just an excuse to move a good LT to RT to make room for a potentially great HOF talent at LT.

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Can’t wait to find out. I have no attachment to what it looks like. I just want us to win. I get you, bro. I appreciate you talking to me the way you do, and pointing out where I was making assumptions…cuz I absolutely WAS.

Curse that Decker for not wanting a shot that nobody in the world has a clue to the side effects 10 years down the road. He only cares about himself.

The nerve of that guy.

I bet if they didn’t put the kaibash on all of the future class action lawsuits he would have been the first in line :rofl:

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Some kids on this topic likely have no idea who Wally Pipp was…lol

I’m increasingly resigned to the fact that IF the lions are in a position to draft Sewell, they will trade the pick, maybe to the LAC (Re-unite the Oregon QB with his LT), or because the Lions have, at least, one of the remaining QBs in their quiver, for draft picks to others…

Getting a likely 10-year starting multi-year Pro Bowl (Projection) LT or RT is nothing to sneeze at. I DO find potential trade with the LAC & the Oregon QB connection to Sewell intriguing, maybe, maybe, a way to squeeze the LAC to trade a 2022 Round 1 Pick to Detroit. IF so, the Lions could still be in a strong position for OT Darrisaw/Jenkins, assuming Slater is gone by #13…Here, in LA, forecasts are for the LAC to draft the highest OT availabe at #13. Potential funny result would be if the LAC got Sewell and the Lions take OT Slater, whom LAC would draft if HE was available at #13.

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They also said that: Artificial sweeteners were safe, WMDs were in Iraq and Anna Nicole married for LOOOVE!


There are always differing views on science. My grandmother lived in a Florida retirement park for years, and she told us a story once, after two manhattans, about when Viagra first arrived on the scene in the 90s. She said all the ladies at bridge would talk about how their husbands who were, uh, sexually dormant for years, now thought they were teenage boys again and how completely annoying it was. Pros and cons man, pros and cons.


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I always laugh at those commercials “You should seek medical attention for erections lasting longer than 4 hours.” I’m pretty sure I had one erection from the time I was 17 to the time of my accident, when I was 30.

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You gotta get the good stuff Natty! Enjoy! haha


Awesome, man! Thanks for the laugh!

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Hey, let’s keep this thread talking about either offensive tackles or unremitting boners only please and thank you.