Kenny Golladay (hamstring) was held out of individual drills on Thursday

Per rotoworld…

“Uh oh. Coach Matt Patricia also revealed that Golladay suffered the injury in Wednesday’s practice. Even if Golladay manages to earn a “limited” tag on Thursday, his Week 1 status is now very much in doubt. Golladay’s absence against the Bears would boost both Danny Amendola and T.J. Hockenson behind fill-in No. 1 receiver Marvin Jones. Golladay rosterers need to have a back-up plan in place.”

This is not good news at all. Idc what the fantasy impact is, I have high hopes this year and this is a huge impact on the team

Uggggggh Hammies linger like an MFer

So are we going to see some Cephus?

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Vaitai and Okudah hurt as well.

Aaah, Lions football is back!

Everyone feeling it? I can feel that combo of disappointment, futility and anger that leads to helpless laughter already.


Yup injuries and refs. Every stinkin’ year.


Golladay was listed as a DNP today. If he doesn’t get in a limited in tomorrow, I doubt he suits up.


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Patricia said they are being very careful with Kenny and others as players are getting tight more easily than normal, but I guess we’ll see how it unfolds.

Every. Single. Year. Feeling it. Feeling it hard.

I’d expect to see Agnew and Hall if Golladay can’t go. Amendola is limited too (hammy), and I believe Cephus is his backup. Baptism by fire.


If swift is healthy, he’ll pick up some of the slack.

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Not surprised in the least. It’s the Lions!

We’ll see fellas. The game hasn’t even started yet.


Every team is going to be ravaged by soft tissue injuries. Just have to hope it doesn’t hit our key guys. Unfortunately, Kenny G is definitely “key”.



We need Golladay to stretch field or threaten it. Massive downstream fantasy effect in game and ownership wise for DFS. Without him strong possibility of stereotypical low paced DET v CHI games.

I like Marvin halls upside but curious what others think about him and how much you think he’ll play. Is Cepheus ahead of him? Amendola?

Hall has very limited past results but could stretch field. Cepheus is slow af, doesn’t seem like good combo with Marvin + Amendola. I’m pushing for Hall to get snaps but that is biased bc I like upside and leverage for DFS. Patricia won’t feel same way.

Expect Hock to get a big role. In tandem with downstream effect is Swift expected to play? With our weapons I think Stafford will come out firing. Without expect more run.

Bears also banged up similarity with Mack and couple other players.

Any thoughts? I am making DFS lineups and find lions input from this crew very helpful.

Wiseacres, I respect your opinion just curious why do you say Cepheus is backup? I am going with a lot of Trubisky stacks and need a lion besides hick to run it back. Cepheus + hall will have almost no ownership so that info could be very helpful. I don’t love Marvin Jones as our #1 going up against fuller without Golladay to attract attention from him + Eddie Jackson.

There’s a lot of injury precaution holdups. It can be hard to know what they mean until we see the lineup on game day. These guys are competitors. If they can play, they will. I’d be surprised if we don’t see Golladay this weekend.
If he’s not around - between Cephus, Agnew and Hall - I’m curious to see who steps up. The depth at the position makes that a viable intrigue.
This is a good game for RBs out of the backfield, Amendola and Hock. Golladay is always a threat. I don’t think he’s central to their overall game plan, this week. The Bear’s D-line is worthy of respect. It would hurt if he weren’t out there. But not as much as other weeks.


If we could only combine our RB production + draft a team now that this committee ish is the norm… I agree but if someone pops who is it? Kerryon most likely, knows O, most likely get most carries and think they’ll add swift in carefully, esp w injury + depth. Agree Golladay not naturally huge part of gameplay this game, good point, but important decoy and threat if D or OL breaks down