Kenny Golladay Listed as 'Logical' Potential Lions Signing

At “Northern Illinois?” Izzat the Illinois that they want to make sure you don’t confuse with the actual Illinois? Who da f are they? He was beating which corners? Where were they drafted, again?

Golladay got zero separation when Stafford was throwing him the ball and just as much with Daniel Jones. There’s literally 100+ guys in the NFL who are better options at receiver.

Ah, so since you don’t know anything about the player or the school then you know all about this guy? You know who else got “zero separation”, Megatron. I could care less about what happens to him at this point but your take was a joke.

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Because he was usually triple covered on every play and would still catch the ball! :wink:

Remember when they used to bracket him on the goal line like it was punt team, that shit was crazy.


I love me some golladay but vote Agnew

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Agnew was a First Team All Pro in 2017 and a 2022 Pro Bowler with the Jags, but he was a Day Three selection–Round: 5 / Pick: 165


Can you please elaborate on what specific skills that he has that would make him a fit with Goff in this offense? Because i could not disagree more with your statement. I do not see 1 translatable skill or anything that relays a possible culture fit. He quit here and he quit in NY. He was one of the worst wrs in the league as far as average separation when he played well here. Goff does not throw balls to covered wrs. So please tell me what i am missing.

You right

Agnew super underrated pick and great community guy

disagree 100% I want no part of him look at what he has doe since he left besides getting paid for nothing. No way we need him Only fans who want him must have his jersey


No Dumas. Since there are literally 100+ guys who are better at receiving in the NFL, don’t get Golladay. Look man, your take about him being “all that” b4 Detroit got challenged for being weak. It happens sometimes.

Don’t go all weird about it by then saying even more bizzarro ish like Golladay was like 1st ballot HOF Calvin Johnson because they both didn’t get a lot of separation. That’s super spurious logic. I.e., I wouldn’t get a lot of separation on a pro football field either, so am I like CJ too?

I would say this was the rantings of a 3 year old but I have too much respect for their intellect to throw them under your bus. Golladay was worthy of the pick, he played well in college and played well here. Was Stafford his QB in college as well? His time here is over, but he did well. There certainly weren’t 100’s of guys who were better when he played here before the injuries. I guess you weren’t around when any of that happened. I never said anything about his current state, not surprising that your level of comprehension is, well, let’s go with lacking. I’m done, you seem like a last word guy, no problem, please, tell me more about what you don’t understand.

I really think Patricia Quinn way of doing business
Maybe even golladay rushing back through injuries his rookie year and beyond
Played a big role in how golladay ended up approaching the business of it

However imo he was a knee cap biter grit type guy … but the giants really weren’t a great situation for me to know what he’s got left now.

He kept me watching during some dark Patricia games

frankly, I don’t give a damn if he’s here or if he’s not , I had two thoughts…A: this staff might maybe get his behind in decent shape so he can play better, and B. taking reps with Goff or maybe Hooker may wake Kenny’s ass up some. I am in no way counting on that but chit happens and if he sucks? we don’t lose anything by sending him down the road if he stays a turd.

This thread is about whether Golladay is a good choice for the Lions, now. Not in college or years ago, He did great as a pro when Stafford was throwing him the ball. There are 100 guys in the NFL who I’d choose over Golladay today (some of whom aren’t even WRs). I disagree with you over him being a great pro. I definitely disagree with your comparing him to Calvin Johnson. We disagree. It happens.

Here is a brief explanation of his Giants tenure. In the very first padded practice in training camp, Kenny decided he had a hammy on the very first rep. He was back in time for the regular season, lucky him. The team lost 4 of its first 5 games. In the 5th game they got blown out. As the other team started to pull away and Kenny got frustrated with not getting the ball…he decided his knee hurt and pulled himself from the game. He missed 3 weeks before coming back.

That coaching staff got fired so Kenny had a clean slate when Daboll came in. Daboll saw thru Golladay’s bullshit early on so he got in the new coaches doghouse. When asked why Daboll wasn’t playing Golladay he said “this is a meritocracy so we play the guys who put in the work.” Ouch.


Yea but if you saw that coming from golladay first 2-4 seasons
I didn’t.

I also likely would not have wanted to play for Patricia and lower my established value … considering deal he was on and the deal he got … it wasn’t a bad business move.

There were many discussions about him in his final year in Detroit. The general idea was that he might be faking injuries or at least milking them to stay off the field and not risk injury going into free agency. Remember the scenario in week 5 with the Giants where I said he checked himself out of a blow out loss? He did the same thing in 2020. We were getting blown out by the Colts and he didn’t have a catch (just like the Giants game). He left the game with a groin…no wait its a hip! He didn’t play another down the rest of the season. He had a really good 4 game stretch to showcase himself, then hung up his cleats for the rest of the year.

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And then there was this … just before he got hurt:

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No I agree there was talk.
I just thought golladay had legitimate reason to not tough out minor injuries to play for Patricia and nothing to gain but hurting his market value.

1-2 years he was a dog , then I agreed with his logic , then giants were messy instead of competitive…

It doesn’t seem like he need the money if he doesn’t love playing but even vet min is a lot of money