Unfortunately I don’t think he’s the #1 back we lacked for several years…

Seen glimpses last year, but extremely disappointed thus far this year…

Yup the blocking isn’t the greatest, but true #1 backs make things happen…

I’m just not seeing it with him.

I like Kerryon too…


Cook looks like a featured back.

And Kerryon doesn’t look anything like Cook, and it isn’t close.


I’ve been starting to feel this way toward KJ for a few weeks now. I hope I’m wrong but I’m beginning to think he is not the answer.


Time to go get Drake from Miami. KJ might be on the shelf for a bit

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KJ is a complimentary back and is best in a RBBC situation. I’ve believed this from the get go. RB’s with upright styles like him can be dangerous in space but often get arm tackles. I like KJ but we need to pair him with a bruising power back and use him sparingly.


It sucks that we used a second pick to get him


Great idea!

I don’t think the Lions want a “bruiser back” though. Marc Thompson seemed decent and we got rid of him…along with about 30 other RB’s this season.

He looks better than Cook did through his first 2 seasons.

Maybe just maybe we wait this out

KJ has 949 career rushing yards 2018 & 2019 5 TD’s. in 2019 alone, he has 308 rushing yards in 6 games not scrub yards. my only concern with him is health…can he stay healthy?

because he’s been injured both seasons. but yes in 6 games so far, he has rushed for a shade over 3 football fields . and 126 yards receiving with a TD and 7 1st downs. (6 games).

BQ reaches for a lot of players.


If we have a high enough pick to draft Jonathon Taylor I’d like to do just that.

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KJ is NOT a “reach” soon he will have 1,000 career rushing yards here ! he needs 50 yards. again, my wonder is if he can remain healthy. the man played the equivalent of ONE season “right now” between 2018 AND 2019…

this season KJ has ran over 300 yards that’s over 3 football field lengths…but “he’s a reach” ?
I don’t think so !!

WE don’t have a pure Run-Blocking O-line…it’s STILL heavily Pass Protect Based. they “can” Run Block but aren’t good at it. and STILL KJ produces . To ADD to this, KJ has been heavily used because we don’t have a great #2 back to HELP him or to relieve him , AND help the team be even more efficient running.[quote=“Martymcfly2017, post:11, topic:2179, full:true”]
BQ reaches for a lot of players.

Who gives AF about career rushing yardage over a year and a half? That’s a really odd stat to throw out. And it’s not even a great stat.

KJ looks like a reach. He doesn’t break tackles. He doesn’t have elite speed. He’s not a power back. He’s not a great pass catcher. He’s kind of an in between back. He’s hurt for the 2nd time in 2 seasons. AKA a reach.

Speaking of reach. You really just said that “he ran for 3 football fields”? Is 300 yards in 6 games, supposed to be some kind of accomplishment? He’s averaging a weak 3.3 ypc. That is pretty awful. One of the worst averages in the league. He also only has 2 TDs to go along with a terrible fumble that caused a 14 point swing and a loss against the Chiefs.

Who knows, maybe he will end up with a really nice career, but so far, he looks like just another back that doesn’t do anything at an above average level.

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I wouldn’t call him a reach at all. But I think people want him to be a feature RB and he really isn’t. He has very good vision, an amazing stiff arm and is extremely dangerous in space. But he’s not a guy who’s going to gain the tough yards in traffic.


He is on my fantasy football team; a Den keeper league. I kept him.
Kerryon, my wayward son …

Big Ten, WE the Lions have had extremely few 1,000-yard rushers. the fact is he has played the equivlant of 1 full season in two seasons ! I bring up career yards because of that AND the fact that he can easily reach 1,000 yards in the short time he has been here and having injuries plural running behind a line that is not a full run-blocking o-line. an a RB that has HAD injuries running on a struggling Lions team that half-ass run blocks and ran for more than 300 yards in 6-7 games and part of his career he ran off Jim Bob Cooter who proved to be in over his head here. or NOT a good OC…yet to fit your narrative, none of that matters KJ is just a “reach”

while Riddick sucked running, and Zenner …yet KJ is doing better than either running the ball EVEN returning from injury. AND you base your findings off 7 games? in 2019 alone? not even half a season…?

Breaking tackles is literally the one thing is does well.

I don’t see how someone can watch the Lions and say he doesn’t break tackles.

Big ten I bring up KJ running 308 yards because that is fighting through groups of various defenders who were trying like hell to stop him and he ran 3 football fields worth anyway despite all the attempts to stop him…even though it was the first 6 games he was returning from injury. who knows how many yards he ‘would-have-had’ IF he was never injured? but even you know he was a player that had previous injury…but your take is “meh he looks like a reach”

NO FLOWERS looks like a damn reach !

I would say he rarely makes defenders miss tackles. He’s only effective in open space at the next level. Other than that he stinks. He’s definitely NOT a #1 RB. He doesn’t have enough speed to run outside and beat defenders to the edge. That makes him easier to defend.

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