Kristian Fulton to Chargers


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Time to focus on Rashad Fenton now as my out of nowhere CB pick

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Our Cam Sutton replacement will come through the draft.

You could be right… I’d like another vet though at outside corner. Less pressure on the rookie that way and he will have to earn it.

I’m not counting on Moseley at all. If he plays more than 5 games I’d be happy


I think that will be true no matter what as Davis and Amik start on the outside with Branch, Kerby and Iffy in the slot/safety roles. We need more depth for sure but that starting five is 10X better than last year’s. And whatever Moseley offers is gravy.

Of course that presumes everyone stays healthy…


That’s really it. DB’s get hurt at alarming rates it seems.

Last year we felt good about CJGJ and Moseley and Sutton. 1 year later…2 are gone and the other has no functioning ACL’s

Can never have enough cover guys IMO

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Agreed, but I’d be fine with bringing in someone like Green/Melton/Khyree on day 2 then adding another on day 3 like Stiggers (if he lasts), McGlothern, E. Jones, Devonshire, Hadden, etc… Along with Gilmore that should give us much better depth than picking up a street FA like Vildor last year.

But we need A LOT of depth. Two CBs and a safety at least IMO.


Devonshire is probably the most underrated corner on this bird IF we’re going to be playing a lot of bump and run.

Both he and Jackson are guys I would have circled if that was the direction I wanted to go with the position.


I wonder what AG and the defensive staff think of young Gilmore?

We all talk about the old Gilmore… but the youngster may be a hidden gem

I mean, they rostered him the whole season and he barely saw anything. It’s pretty clear they like him in some capacity. They cut other players that contributed to keep him throughout the season when they needed roster spots.


Day 3 safety should be doable as well, especially for Brad.

Nate Tice has really been hyping Mustapha of late, has him as his #1 guy! And I think there’s more to come from Sione Vaki too. There’s just a lot of value in day 3 safeties imo.

Failing that, there are plenty of cheap vets on the market. Safety is usually one of the best FA positions to fill.

I think they need one of each, tbh. A vet and a late round safety.

So four more additions to the DB room (2 CBs, 2 S)? I would like that too in an ideal world but I don’t think it will play out like that, with Gilmore that would give us 10 DBs. Though I get it, a lot of us are suffering PTSD from last year.

Remind me again why he went undrafted? Just too skinny? Or was there more to his film not being good? Never seen him play other than preseason last year when made a few plays

Other than the ‘starters’: Davis, Robertson, Branch, Iffy, Kerby…there isn’t anyone on the roster who you can even count on for good snaps on the team. The closest is Moseley and you can’t count on him to contribute, IMO. The rest of the group has a collective almost no experience:

Craig James has 125 career DEF snaps, Dorsey has 85, Gilmore has 2, Brandon Joseph has 0. All of these guys are low-pedigree guys. I’m not even sure if any of them were drafted.

You can easily add 4 quality players to this group. The depth of the DB room is a MAJOR concern, imo. I wanted a CB in the draft, along with a vet S and a rookie S even when Cam was here.

And this is banking on the idea that Iffy is really the guy he was the last 5 weeks of the season. Before that, most of us thought he’d be a fringe roster guy who might get cut this offseason.

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I don’t disagree about the depth, I just don’t think we have enough arrows in the quiver to take that many shots. Resources are rarely allocated in such a unilateral manner. Especially with Brad, who’s liable to fall in love with guys no matter where they play.

I wouldn’t be surprised by 4 additions, but I think at least a couple will also be low-quality adds (day 3 guys or UDFAs, cheap vets), and they’ll fight it out.

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That’s why I kind of like Fenton. He’s going to be cheap. He’s coming off injury, but he’s played a ton of snaps, he plays the run, and he started multiple games for the Chiefs during one of their Super Bowl runs. Then you add a S, doesn’t have to be Simmons or Diggs, but a guy who has played some starter snaps and give you something in case an injury happens and then a 3rd day guy who is at least way better than Brandon Joseph, like a Trey Taylor or Malik Mustapha. And a 1st or 2nd day CB.

I don’t think they need to go crazy spending to address it, but if they roll into the season with this kind of depth, it’s gonna get ugly real fast and we’re gonna end up with another Vildor starting 10 weeks into the season.

Trade back, Brad

To be honest, I’m not really sure. I don’t remember ever watching his tape last year, so I’m not sure why he went undrafted.