Late snaps should be reviewable

Getting sick of watching teams being able to snap the ball with zero on the clock. Just because the referee “didn’t see it” does not mean it didn’t happen. That should’ve been called on GB and they would’ve been 2nd and 22. You can literally see indisputable proof of whether or not the ball has been snapped in time. This should be reviewable. Tired of seeing this shit.


Agree. If the center has started his snap movement, I’m good with letting it go. If he hasn’t started the snap yet, play should be dead with 5 yard penalty.


The NFL likes the ambiguity. They prefer selective enforcement of plays


I’ve seen 3 so far. I was wondering if anyone else noticed.



The biggest “problem” that the NFL has purposely created is that it is a subjective call. When you see the clock hit zero that isn’t a delay of game. Its completely up to the ref whether he calls it. The obvious way to deal with it is to make delay of game a hard call…like the shot clock in basketball. The NFL loves having it as soft and subjective because it helps them manipulate games.

The only way we can deal with it right now is to teach our guys to all fire off the ball as soon as the clock hits 0. Force the ref to make a call.


Up to 5 now. This is ridiculous!

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They should put the same annoying buzzer on it that the NBA has.


Great idea! Wonder if individual stadiums could do that as part of the
“public address system.”

He was 2 seconds after 0 on that one.

Thats # 6


Goddamn motherfucking refs



I would like to get a better explanation of the stoppage of clock by the refs when the clock hit zero.

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My God Rodgers gets a time out after the clock hit zero. What in the hell is going on?


Got away with another one on their last play. Ridiculous.

What a strange day. They finally got called for early blocking down field…something they have been doing for over 10 years now. But they don’t get called for a half dozen delay of game penalties in the same game.


I love the NBA buzzer idea. Flag automatically drops from the ceiling…or several of them, on little parachutes. GET THE OFFICIALS OUT OF THESE GAMES as much as possible.


This is funny…

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In the game thread… i posted definitive pictures on 6 different plays… and all involved the clock hitting “00” while the center had his down… and then showed him still holding ball with his head up.

I will also point out that Analzone was waiving his hand for a flag on the last 2 plays of the last drive.

If a player who’s tasked with calling the defense can still see the clock at “00”…… but the ref tasked with actually watching the clock can’t see it… I can but the old BS excuse of “the snap process” they try to use any time the Lions a team gets screwed over.


It’s too bad that the NFL isnt a multi-billion $ business that can easily afford some sort of signal that goes off when the clock truly hits zero, like a buzzer or lights or something…and this is why NBA shot clock is king…and poor little NFL will never be able to figure it out; easily doing the right thing costs ten’s of dollars ya know!