Let’s talk Defensive Tackle and should Nick Williams be brought back

I’ve brought this up in a few threads before but I do not think Nick Williams should be brought back.

I went through and rewatched every Lions game last year and I specifically watched every defensive play over and over taking a closer look at our DL.

Our DL was very inconsistent all year. Largely in part due to the fact we were giving rookies significant playing time. But even our veterans struggled.

Williams was extremely inconsistent. Too inconsistent for a veteran. I would not bring him back as a result.

Here’s a recent article suggesting the same thing.

Brockers was ok but nothing special. I’d bring him back because we need a veteran presence and I’m expecting Flowers to be a cap casualty.

I think the Lions should target IDL via free agency. Using the money they save on Williams and Flowers to bring in another veteran DT.

Here are a couple guys I think we could target.

SEBASTIAN JOSEPH-DAY - This one makes the most sense. With the Rams connection and the Lions needing a run stuffing space eater. Day could be a solid option.

FOLORUNSO FATUKASI - He would really help to shore up our interior run defense.

B. J. HILL - He’s a good replacement for Williams and solid insurance incase Levi never develops into a 3T. Hill brings a much needed interior pass rush.

This years free agency class has some good DT talent in it. I would be disappointed if we didn’t target one.


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I have DL as needing 2 new players, with 1 being of starter quality or potential. If there are 6 interior DL, 4 of them are McNeil, Penisini, Brockers and Levi. 5 and 6 are not currently on the roster.


I wouldn’t bring back Williams either, but I think what we need along the DL, especially if we’re staying in base 3-4, is another guy who can penetrate. Even if Levi pans out. A 3/5T. Of course preferably they’d be excellent against the run as well, but I really like Alim in the middle and think he’ll improve by leaps and bounds this year (and Penisini is an acceptable backup). Logan Hall and Perrion Winfrey are two of my favorite options in the draft. Of the FAs you listed, I like Hill the best.


I’d be good with Joseph-day or hill. If you can get them fairly cheap. I’m betting we could with Joseph-day coming off injury. I still think onwuzurike will be much better next year. Give him an off-season to get healthy and stronger. Now he knows what it’s going to take and the nfl isn’t the same as college. We’ll find out pretty quickly if he’s got it or not. McNeil I can see being a problem for opposing offensive lines after he gets a year in an nfl weight room.

After T. Williams and Perriman, last season, I can’t believe people still think like that.

I’ve been the president of the Nick-Williams-Gotta-Go Club for a while now.

Is this a trick question?
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I kinda like bringing in Akiem HIcks as a free agent. He’s old, but he can still be really disruptive if he’s healthy.

He could be an addition like Calais Campbell was for the Ravens a couple of years ago. Last year, he would have led the lions’ D tackles with 5 TFL & had more QB hits with 9 in 9 games than Brockers, McNeil, Ownzurike, and Williams had in their combined 60 some games.

Or he could be a disaster and just collect a hefty paycheck for being old and hurt.

Anyone else like Hicks in Detroit?

That bargain Basement approach also worked with Charles Harris. Sebastian Joseph-day is coming off a pectoral injury. It’s not like he blew out his knee. He’s a good player that was really starting to play well for the rams. If the lions can sign a good player and get a little injury discount I’m all for it.

Should Nick Williams be brought back from what, the dead?

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Are people forgetting or discounting the possibility that Aiden Hutchinson can play tackle on “Spot” duty as well…???..Pls no more Nick Williams and cut Brockers…I’ve already penciled in the aquisition of 1 Veteran DL & drafting another one in April. Depending on who’s available, the #32 or #34 may work. Also, FA is just around the corner. Expect Holmes to snag someone.

I don’t think cutting Brockers makes a whole lot of sense with his contract, not until next year anyways.

Current Contract

Michael Brockers signed a 3 year, $24,000,000 contract with the Detroit Lions, including a $5,925,000 signing bonus, $11,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $8,000,000. In 2022, Brockers will earn a base salary of $7,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $8,975,000 and a dead cap value of $7,950,000.

CONTRACT TERMS:3 yr(s) / $24,000,000 SIGNING BONUS$5,925,000 AVERAGE SALARY$8,000,000 GTD AT SIGN:$11,000,000 TOTAL GTD:$11,000,000 FREE AGENT:2024 / UFA

2021 Contract details by year 31 $1,075,000 $1,975,000 $3,050,000 $11,000,000 $7,000,000($7,000,000)
2022 Contract details by year 32 $7,000,000 $1,975,000 $8,975,000 $7,950,000 $7,000,000($14,000,000)

POTENTIAL OUT: 2023 , 2 YR, $14,000,000; $1,975,000 DEAD CAP

2023 Contract details by year 33 $10,000,000 $1,975,000 $11,975,000 $1,975,000 $10,000,000($24,000,000)


Watching him and Levi get blown off the ball consistently by the Broncos 3rd string OG was what made me seriously question both him an Levi.

At least You can say Levi was a rookie and can improve but watching a veteran get beat like that told me all I needed to know. He has to go!

He’s too small to move inside and be effective vs the run. Sure on passing downs as a pass rushing 3T/5T he can do that. We did that with Harris some last year.

Brockers is an effective 5T, 3T type. We need him, he’s fairly cheap and he brings a veteran presence too. I think we will keep Brockers at least one more year.


Those are the guys I have been zeroing in on as well. Fatukasi is likely the most expensive of the bunch, but I think he has the most upside. Joseph Days value is tough to peg, but there’s familiarity there and I believe he’s a solid starter.

Hill profiles as more of a depth piece to me, just a very very good one. Depending on his cost I would be fully on board as well.

When the best you can legitimately say about Brockers is his locker room attributes, then you know you should be looking elsewhere. Brockers, originally, was traded to the Lions to bring experience to the DLine and act as a mentor to Ali & Levi. Seems as though Brockers fulfilled the locker room requirements, adequately. I question his on-field accomplishments. Supposedly, he came in either out-of-shape or slightly injured, working himself back into shape. His snap count was a major disappointment to me. He’s not getting any younger and his mentoring to Ali & Levi, should be much less required in the 2nd year.

Though Holmes, likely, has a soft spot in his heart for ex-Ram Brockers, and may retain him, I’d take the CAP savings and invest it elsewhere with a younger DT replacement, and draft another DT. They lost Strong, Hand, & likely cut Williams, so they DO need some young blood for rotation purposes at a minimum.

I didn’t mean to infer Hutch would be a full-time DT, I meant Hutch has played effectively, inside DT. on occasion. He’s plenty big enough to play inside, with an additional 10-15 lbs. from his present listed weight of 265. I expect him to add those additional pounds, regardless, in order to maintain a stronger edge. He has the frame to do it and the addition of an NFL weight room conditioning program can only benefit him, short term and long term. Jared Allen, I believe played DT, on occasion, as well. Hutch has the speed & hands to prevent being engulfed by OG’s, too.

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I like the Lions approach to the position Levi and McNeil will take another year to develop but taking advantage of cheap young talent is the way to go IMO. Of course you’ll always have outlineners like Donald and Suh however the vast majority of DTs are run stuffers that are used to keep LBs clean so they can flow and make plays.

Now we just need the LBs for this defense. Hopefully Barnes is part of that.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that DTs are unimportant just that I feel FA dollars can be used on playmakers where 4 or 5 sacks doesn’t make a pro-bowler. And yes I know sacks aren’t the only important metric but damn do they change people’s perception of a defense.

I doubt Hutch wants to gain 10-15lbs. I don’t view him as someone that can retain his speed with added weight. Defenses will line DE’s inside and DT’s outside so when they stunt and twist, the DE will be back outside after the stunt.
There’s no reason he can’t play a few snaps inside though and rush from there.

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