Let's Go Redskins!

Here…give em hell.

I can rally behind that.

Fuckin A. Seems like a pipe dream, but it’s a road game and who knows. Skin suck but I’m definitely going to watch a bit.

hope the Bears Choke ! Go Reds !

Hope both teams kill eachother on the way to a tie.

A tie is a half win for the Bears. No thanks.

I prefer a bear loss even

But we gain either way in the playoff race!

  • skins lose and we gain on them for the WC
  • bears we gain on the division title

Former Lion great Cornelius Lucas getting the start at RT for the Bears.

There’s an unknown better out there who bet 89 cents on a 20 team parlay… THAT’S CRAZY… he’s hit the first 19. He has the Redskins tonight. If he gets it he wins just under $500,000…HALF A MILLION IN AN 89 cent bet. Wonder if he hedged it???
Iggy was it you??

How is that not a safety?

The Skins need Slay cleats.

They’re getting killed by daBears.
If Chicago had an offense it would be 35-0.

Watching these 2 QB’s tonight allows me to appreciate Stafford even more.


Chicago O sure is bad. Geez.

I like our chances against both of these teams.


I don’t care. I hate Washington enough to be OK with that.

No way they give that TD to Detroit. That’s my first reaction.

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It’s disgusting how everything is going the Bears way.

Washington is an embarrassment


The Bears woke up.

This is the Bears team their fans were expecting,


Hey, Dale! Great to see you.

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Bears offense is even worse than I thought. Wow!

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