Let's have some predictions and why?

Tell me your predictions for tomorrow and add your reasonings why.

I think we lose tomorrow. A win would be great of course, but I see the Viks, Packers, and Lions all splitting the season series with wins in their own place, and I think all 3 win both against the Bears. So if we lose tomorrow, no one need get too depressed, because we win when they come to Detroit, same against the Packers.

We lose tomorrow because the Viks have 2 weeks of film to go after ARSB and Swift and hold them down.

Their D only gave up 24 at Philli, yet we gave up 31 (pic 6) at our own place against the same offense.

I think this will be the first time that we can’t sneak up on an opponent. You can bet they have game planned against Swifty and the Sun God, and remember, we are still rebuilding and I don’t think we have the other weapons that can make them pay. I think they also have a good plan to counter Hutch. I think it’s fairly normal for div teams that are pretty close to split the season series. So we end up 3-2 in the div, and so will the Viks and Packers.

I don’t see this as high scoring like most do. As I said, the Viks D held Philli to 24 in their own building, so I definitely see them being able to hold us to 17-24 in their own house.

I am thinking Viks 27-21. Lions 31-24 when they come here.
But yes, main reason is that NO WAY we are sneaking up on anyone else, you can bet they have spent the week concentrating on Swifty, ARSB, and Hutch and they will make us beat them with other guys. I just don’t see our other guys beating a D that held the Eagles to 24 in Philli no less.

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All reasonable points- That said Philly started running out the clock just after half time.

I think it will be 27-24 one way or the other…. The Vikes secondary is suspect and run D week- if Goff looks like week 1 Goff we lose, or week 2 Goff- we win.

If Cousins looks like week one Kirk we
Lose, or week 2 we win!

Swift, ASB, Chark, Reynolds, Hock

Cook, Jefferson, Theilen, Smith Jr, Osborn

I’d say it’s pretty damn even…. If Hutch and Harris can’t keep similar pressure to Z Smith and Hunter- then we are darn similar rosters.

We have the better OL… we have help on the way from IR later this year, we have more cap room next year, we have more draft capital.

2023 NFC Norris Divison Champs

1st road game, hostile environment:
Vikes 27- Lions 17
Please Lord, prove me wrong :palms_up_together:

Lions 42 Vikes 14.
The main reason I think this is I spent 2 hours at the 19th hole.


I also think it is a loss

Detroit coming off two emotional games at home. A lot of young players going on the road who haven’t had to learn how to grind out a tough road win.

Vikings were embarrassed by Philly. Their season is on the brink.


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I am actually feeling pretty good about this game and think the Lions pull out the win. If you have asked me before the season I probably would’ve predicted a loss.

The Vikings secondary is still pretty terrible especially without their leader in Harrison Smith. Their best player is Cameron Dantzler and he is a solid #2 at best. They do have a couple good edge rushers in Smith and Hunter, but with Decker and Sewell I’m not too worried. Throw in the fact they have been destroyed against the run and I don’t see them slowing our offense down, even on the road.

Now their offense will definitely move the ball on us and score points, and if we lose I’d bet it’s because the Vikings score 30+. I don’t think they will though. The Vikings don’t have a great secondary option behind Jefferson. Thielin has looked like Father Time has caught up to him. Osborn and Irv Smith had been relative non factors is the first couple games as well. If we can get pressure on Cousins he gets frazzled. I think we can get enough pressure on him to hold them under 30. Dalvin Cook is the X factor to this game, IMO. If we can hold him under 4 YPC and 100 rushing I think we win.

Lions 31 Vikings 27


They had film on Philly. We didn’t.

This will be the weakest defense we have faced so far, therefore even on the road, MCDC will have them ready, and they’ll hang 38 on the Queens. Our defense is going through some growing pains, but Okudah and Oruwariye will give Jefferson all he can handle, and Cousins on will have a 3 seconds to get rid of the ball.

Lions - 38
Vikings - 21


The Lions probably wouldn’t have allowed as many points against Philly if Hurts hadn’t been able to get away with intentional grounding 3 times before halftime.

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I am predicting a lions victory. The offense is going to be improved with Ragnow returning and another week of growing. Also Smith out for the Vikings is huge.

On defense, our young guys are going to continue to grow in the new system and get peessure all over Cousins

Lions 34
Vikings 27


It’s mind blowing that after just 1 season of this rebuild most of us at the very least expect us to beat the Viks and Packers at our place. Think about that, we believe that we are already close enough to the other teams in our Div that can think they should win all their div home games. Putting it another way, after 1 season in to the rebuild we think we are already in the race to win this div.

Yeah, the Pack and Viks may be slightly better overall and may have a win or two extra overall, but the fact that not a single person here would be surprised if we split with the other top teams in our Div, and actually expect it, that just shows what an awesome job these guys are off to in this rebuild.

Guys, WE COULD CHALLENGE FOR THIS DIV THIS SEASON!! Yeah, Pack or Viks will most likely win it, but but the chances are not wildly out of reach. The Pack, us, and Viks are all 3 going to be 4-2 in the div I believe.
We have a nice late season schedule.

The poor Bears, yes, I think they will lose all 6 of their div games. Fields just does not look ready for primetime nor like he will be anytime during this season.


I predict a chark attack this week. 6 catches 115 yds and 2tds. They will try to take away our big 2 and be beat by the long ball.



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The best reason of all.

I think we run well on them and keep our D off the field.

lions win by 4

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It’s hard to form am opinion of Fields when he has one of the worst O Lines in the NFL… and probably the worst WR group in the NFL.

Lions 38-27

they take away the Sun God but Chark shows why we sign him w a huge game

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The Vikings better fix that run defense because it appears the Lions run game is for real. I still don’t trust the Lions defense but I’m hoping we get better every week. I like that Cousins isn’t very mobile. Two close games last year and most likely close games again this year. I think we continue to pound the rock and Chark has a big game. St Brown gets his 8 receptions and a TD.

27-24 Detroit.

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I’ll continue to pick the Lions to lose in all road games until they break their road 10-game losing streak.