Lions building for the next QB

I believe the front office is building the trenches and beefing up the running game adding 2 big TEs helps a young QB.I for one am all for it I see a guy like Hurts or Tua as the kind of Russell Wilson type QB this OC likes.Chances are if we lose Sunday we may have a very good shot at a top 5 pick.I really hope Stafford has a good year but let’s be honest he is closer to the end of his career than the beginning.The big thing for me is a injection of youth and optimism at that position would love to have a duel threat QB.


After a year of playing under Lincoln Riley I doubt Jalen Hurts will fit playing for a coach like Matt Patricia or a OC like Darrell Bevell

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Not sure how Hurts would be a good fit for the Lions or the NFL. He’s not an NFL QB. He was benched in the National Championship game in favor of a true freshman because he’s not a good thrower.

I could see the Lions moving on from Stafford in 2 years if we go nowhere. Hard to justify that contract if we aren’t winning. But the change in philosophy could also prolong Stafford’s career. You see the Saints focusing more on running the ball more than ever since Brees was there. If Stafford only has to throw the ball 25 times a game, and we can lean on a run game and a strong defense, then he could play another 5-8 years without issue.

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I think the OP is an example of personal biases influencing perception

Stafford will have to have another poor season for any of that to come true
I think he’s going to be solid this year — love to say great, but I’ll hold back on that


Stafford will win a title or two in his career. If we traded him to a team like Jacksonville, he’d win meaningful games immediately, and people would bitch about how stupid Lions brass is for getting rid of our best player.

Hard to throw for 300 yards and 4 Tis with no OL, 4,5,6,7th options at WR, and the third string RB.

I’m baffled that people don’t see that. “another bad season?” So foreign to me that people actually think that.


Point to one meaningful game that he put the team on his shoulders and won.After 10 yrs he should have more than a few but they just aren’t there.I dont think Stafford is a bad QB just makes bad decisions damn near every game.

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And let me guess, once someone points out a game, you will argue minutia about the game or simply move the bar? Am I right?


I believe here, yes. If we got rid of him, he’d do it elsewhere.


To add, look at the way Stafford’s contract is structured. Even as soon as 2020, we get cap space for a trade, and bearable dead money (especially considering rookie contract). The trade partner, too, would be getting a good deal. They get Stafford for Salary and Roster only, which in 2020 is only $21M. Then in 2021, it’s only $19.5M. Then 22.5M in 2022. The Franchise tag allows them to keep him one, or even 2 years if they don’t want to extend. That’s about the right price for Stafford, really. We’re paying way too much for what he brings.

All it takes is an injury to the starter in camp of another team who is missing just a QB…

Still waiting for someone to point to which game that was.

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The Raiders 2011…we lose that game we are out of the playoffs

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Nah, Id go with the Chargers game that clinched a playoff spot. Remember, most people were picking the Chargers to win that game. They said the Lions would choke in the big stage, and San Diego was a solid team that desperately needed to win to stay in the playoff chase. The Lions beat their ass from minute 1.

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So 2 of his 141 games played were good REGULAR season victories yeah you guys got me…lol

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So you can move the goalpost?

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You said name one, two games have been named and now you go with the sarcasm. Very nice!

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Right on cue. You are so original and different. We’ve never seen the mental prowess of someone like you before. sarcasm detected


That Chargers game was a blowout. I believe the criteria was which game did Stafford put the team on his shoulders and won. We were down and Stafford threw a game winning TD to beat the Raiders on the road. Plus that was like a 90 yd drive

Based on your follow-ups I can only presume that you don’t consider regular season games to be meaningful? If you don’t win regular season games you can’t make the playoffs :slight_smile: if only the playoff games are meaningful but not the regular season games then there’s only a total of 3 to even review and obviously the Lions haven’t won any of those three games. But I’m confused because I would have believed 4th quarter comebacks in Stafford’s career would have met the criteria. Where you ask for quote unquote One game.

Your right guys I said one game and you proved me wrong.I just cant help but sit here and think that shouldn’t we have gotten more from a #1 pick after 10 yrs.Im not trying to be a smart ass and sarcastic just seems like alot of people are ok with him being just ok.Just ok doesn’t win in the NFL and the Lions are just as much to blame as he has never been pushed in camp by another QB or never held accountable bu coaches for his mistakes.This is his last chance in Detriot to change the narrative on him.