Lions Current Roster Evaluation

So to break this down and get a good idea of where this roster currently stands and what it may look like in the future I decided to break down the roster we currently have, player by player.


Jared Goff - Likely committed to him for 2022. Has recently shown progress and these final few weeks will determine if he deserves another shot in 2022.
Tim Boyle - Likely one and done as our back-up QB.
David Blough - He seems okay, but I would rather find another devlopmental #3 QB who has more theoretical upside.

We need to get a young QB in here, even if that means a later round pick. Would love to grab a guy like Desmond Ridder/Malik Willis on day 2 though.

Running Back/Fullback

DeAndre Swift - Already one of the best pass catching RB’s who is improving as a runner. Has Alvin Kamara level upside and is a very good building block.
Jamaal Williams - Jack of all trade master of none type. His energy is infectious though, and he makes for great depth.
Jemar Jefferson - Has shown promise in limited opportunities. Nice depth piece.
Godwin Igwebuike - Just starting to learn the position. Very versatile backup who should stick around.
Jason Cabinda - Versatile fullback who is still growing into his position. No need to upgrade here, IMO.

One of the best and deepest postitions on this roster. I would be perfectly fine if we didn’t make any additions here for 2022.

Wide Receiver

Josh Reynolds - Should be re-signed for cheap as a guy who Goff likes and is familiar with. Should not be counted on as a starter though.
Amon-Ra St. Brown - Love the way he is developing and he is looking like he will be a very good slot guy for this team.
Quintez Cephus - Perhaps our best WR before he got hurt. Reminds he a lot of Anquan Boldin late in his career as a big slot.
Kalif Raymond - Has definitely cooled off after a solid run to start the season. Can be brought back as cheap depth and KR/PR competition.
KhaDarel Hodge - Should not be on the 2022 roster
Tom Kennedy - Should not be on the 2022 roster
Trinity Benson - Coaches seem to like him, but I haven’t seen anything from him. Will get a chance to compete in 2022, but we should be good enough at WR by then where he doesn’t make the team.

We need to bring in a reliable FA WR and draft one high. Let those two as well as Cephus and Reynolds compete for the outside starting roles. Cephus would also be the top back-up for Amon-Ra as well. Love the potential depth here if we add a top rookie and very good vet.

Tight End

T.J. Hockenson - Has not developed like I had hoped, but he is the defenses primary focus. Still believe he possesses top 3 TE upside and is already a top 10 guy. A deep threat at WR will take a lot of pressure off of him.
Brock Wright - He has honestly surprised me with his blocking, and seems to be a decent pass catcher as well. Can definitely upgrade from him at #2 TE, but he can stick around as the #3.
Hunter Bryant - Could carve out a niche role as a situational pass catching TE or be cut. Definitely worth getting a look at training camp.

Hockenson still has not reached his potential, but he has proven to be a very good TE. I am hoping getting some better WR’s will make his life easiesr and he can turn into a Kittle type TE for us. I would love to add a back-up veteran TE like Mo-Alie Cox. I think Wright and Bryant is worthwhile depth to battle it out for the #3 TE spot.

Offensive Tackles

Taylor Decker - Has steadily improved since coming back. May not be elite at LT, but it damn close.
Penei Sewell - I pegged him as a future HOF tackle before we even took him and I don’t see any reason to let up on that.
Tyrell Crosby - He is a FA and I doubt we bring him back. Would make for solid depth though.
Matt Nelson - Is cheap and has plenty of starting experience. Loved the way he looked in the jumbo package and think he has devloped into a quality swing tackle.
Will Holden - May not make the roster in 2022.

We may add a tackle to compete for backup duties, but don’t see much beyond that. Position is pretty much set for 2022.

Offensive Guard/Centers

Frank Ragnow - Best center in the league, hands down.
Jonah Jackson - Has steadily improved this year. Don’t know if he will ever be elite, but he is a solid starter and should only get better.
Halapoulivaati Vatai - Has been adequate this year. May or may not be back in 2022. Definitely the weak link on the line, but that has more to do with having very good players around him.
Evan Brown - Could not have asked for much better play out of a guy who was competing for a roster spot. Excellent depth as center and could challenge for the spot at RG.
Tommy Kraemer - Has not looked awful in his first two starts as a UDFA. Definitely has room to grow and could be solid cheap depth for us.
Logan Stenberg - I thought he possessed some upside when we took him, but I haven’t seen anything. Will likely stick around on a cheap contract, but may not make it out of camp.
Ryan McCollum - Practice squad at best in 2022.

The best grouping on the entire team. We have players at LT, C, and RT who legitimately have All-Pro capabilities (Decker to a lesser extent). Jonah Jackson is developing into a very good guard, and Vatai is at least decent on the other side. We also have some solid depth here as well.

Defensive End/Defensive Tackle

Michael Brockers - Great veteran presence and leader, but his play has been below average at best. Hopefully with another year in the system and better players around him he can get back to form as we are committed to him in 2022.
Nick Williams - Should not be back in 2022
Levi Onwuzurike - Has flashed, but also been very inconsistent. Is a big unknown heading into year 2, but possesses a lot of upside.
Alim McNeil - Has also been inconsistent, but has shown a lot of growth too. I have much more confidence in him becoming a solid starting NT in year 2. Hoping he can develop into the next Damon Harrison, but he has a very long way to go.
John Penisini - Great depth piece behind Alim McNeil on a cheap contract.
Kevin Strong - Should not be back in 2022

These guys are a huge question mark heading into 2022. Would love to be able to add another player here to elevate this group. Hutchinson would probably be an edge rusher here if we took him, but I could see him dropping down on the line in obvious passing situations. Levi and Alim developing will make or break this unit in 2022.

Edge Rushers

Trey Flowers - Has to be a cap casualty.
Romeo Okwara - Unknown coming off injury, but I wouldn’t bet against him. If he can return to form, it will be a huge boost to this unit in 2022.
Charles Harris - Will he be brought back in FA? He has been a steady presence this year and provide really nice depth in case Okwara struggles in his return from injury.
Julian Okwara - Might be the most talented pass rusher on this roster. I hope he continues his ascent, but as it stands now he is a very nice depth piece, and talented nickel rusher.
Austin Bryant - This guy has really surprised me this year. With one year remaining on his rookie contract he should be back to provide some depth.
Jesse Lemonier - Should not be on the 2022 roster.
Rashod Berry - Should not be on the 2022 roster.

Desperately missing an alpha here. If you add Hutchinson to this group and Okwara can return from pre-injury form we could really be cooking with something. Could easilly turn into one of the best groups on the roster.

Inside Linebackers

Alex Anzalone - Campbell loves this guy and I can see why. He has a passion for the game that I love and those guys are good to have around. He should be cheap to bring back in FA and I would be all for it. Should only be a role player in 2022 however and if he is playing a ton of snaps in 2022 I would deem that a failure.
Derrick Barnes - Man does this guy flash. He is obviously inconsistent and need to develop, but man I will be excited if he does. I still would not put all my eggs in his basket for 2022, as he has a long way to go.
Jalen Reeves-Mabin - Love this guy. He is another one who should be back at a reasonable price tag as an elite special teamer and someone who looked alright when he got meaningful defensive snaps.
Anthony Pittman - Practice Squad.
Josh Woods - Should not be on the roster in 2022.
Shaun Dion Hamilton - Unlikely to make the roster in 2022.


Jeffrey Okudah - Biggest question mark in 2022. Guy has so much talent and by all accounts had a fantastic off-season. How he returns from the achilles injuries will be one of the biggest storylines in 2022.
Amani Oruwariye - Has steadily improved every year. He profiles as a very solid #2 CB who is showing some really good ball skills.
Jerry Jacobs - Not sure what to make of Jacobs. He has defied all odds this year and has looked like a keeper. As a UDFA who wasn’t expected to make the roster playing a position where most rookies struggle, he has looked surpisingly good. At the very least he makes for excellent depth.
Ifeatu Melifonwu - These last few weeks will tell us a lot about him.
A.J. Parker - Came out of nowhere and started the season strong. Definitely hit the rookie wall pretty quick, but was starting to play well again before getting hurt. Is the early favorite to be our starting nickel in 2022.
Mark Gilbert - Played surprisingly well when given the opportunity, but most likely is practice squad material.
Bobby Price - Awesome athletic traits, but is probably a practice squad guy at best. May do better in a less crowded group at safety.

Love the talent and depth here. I think a solid veteran to help the young guys along and bring insurance in case Okudah can’t come back from injury is needed. Could be one of our best groups in 2022.


Tracy Walker - Love this guy. His play has been far from perfect, but just love the way he plays and the energy he brings. Depending on his price tag I would love to bring him back. He is still growing and with a better supporting cast around him I think he will develop into a top safety.
Will Harris - He has actually improved over the last month compared to the rest of his career. With a cheap contract he may be back on 2022, but he should not be playing meanful snaps.
Dean Marlowe - He should not be brought back
C.J. Moore - Core special teamer, may or may not be back.
Jalen Elliot - Has some talent, but will likely be competing for a roster spot as a special teamer.

With Walker a free agent this is probably even a weaker group then WR. Would love to bring back Walker, sign Marcus Williams and even draft a guy in the middle rounds.


Riley Patterson - He absolutely drileld that 49 yarder. Didn’t realize he had that big a leg. Lets see how he finishes the year.
Austin Seibert - Was reasonable while he was healthy.
Jack Fox - Best punter in the NFL.
Scott Daly - Haven’t noticed him this year which is a good thing.

Obviously Jack Fox is Jack Fox. Daly should also return. Lets see how the rest of this year shakes out, but we may go into camp with Seibert and Patterson competing for the starting kicker spot.

If there is anyone I did not add I don’t see them as having any type of potential future here.


Ever! Best punter ever! :wink:


Agree with a lot here. One thing I hated, and only thing really lol, was the idea that Will Harris would be back next year. I would rather pick a random safety out of a hat then have him back.

Your plans across the board otherwise I am on board with. I don’t feel as strong as you do about Tracy Walker, but would like to see him back on the franchise tag (not a long term deal).

Overall, nice work! :lion:

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Seems like the staff like Will Harris and with a cheap contract I could see him come back, but I am with you and am ready to move on.

As far as Walker, I think part of his issue is having to do to much in the secondary. Similar to Anzalone getting better once we got rid of Collins, I think Walker is much better without Harris next to him. I wouldn’t pay Walker more then 10mil a year, but would love to him him back at that price range. I know I keep repeating with this Marcus WIlliams signing, but signing him frees up Walker to make more plays. I would love to see him in more of a Tyrann Mathieu type role where he gets to free lance more and let Williams worry about the deep ball. Walker has layed some massive hits this year.

Seems pretty spot-on to me. I think Hockenson is going to benefit greatly over the long-term from what he’s going through this year. He will never again play with such a bad supporting cast, and getting open against a periodic double-team will seem like child’s play compared to the 8-9 guys our opponents send at him now.

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Marcus Williams is my #1 player I want too. So I’m with you. I don’t want to put that much money into the safety position. That is my issue with keeping Walker beyond the 1 year tag. And it’s Williams>>Walker for me.

I tend to value safeties more than most. I personally think it is an underrated position and bad safety play is a quick way to a struggling defense. When you have two very good safeties it opens up so much more that you can disguise as a defense.

I do understand the point of bringing back Walker for one year though. It would give us an extra season to find a replacement, likely in the draft so it is on a cheap contract.

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Totally agree! Look at what Earl Thomas did yo the Seahawks D. I would not be opposed to trading back and taking Hamilton with our 1st rd pick then snagging Lloyd or the best WR avail

Great write up. The only thing I can disagree with is Austin Seibert, I don’t want him back. He has missed too many games for one reason or another and IMO can’t be counted on to be available from week to week


On the flip side, there is no bigger way to impact an offense then getting after the passer. If Hutchinson’s evaluation is as good as we think it will be we need to take him. If you ask me right now who would you take, Kevin Byard or TJ Watt/Myles Garrett, it is the pass rusher 10/10, IMO.

I love the idea of having a very good trustworthy safety like Thomas was manning deep and a guy who can free range a bit. Easiest way to create confusion and take the ball away.

honestly, I have serious doubts that we’ll be picking 1 OA


The Jaguars and Texans play each other yet so barring a tie one of those teams will have at least 3 wins. The Jags also play the Jets too so that is definitely a winnable game for them. Best case scenario is the Texans beating the Jags and the Jaguars beating the Jets. That would mean we have to win 2 of our remaining games to lose the 1st pick

Its going to be very tough going into Denver and pulling out that win. I think it is competitive for sure, but Denver is on the fringer of a wild card berth and needs this.

I think the Cards game could be a rough one. I like the fight this team has, but they just have so many weapons and if Murray is healthy I don’t see any way we keep pace.

Falcons could be interesting. That is definitely winnable, but being a road game I would give them the slight edge at this point. This is almost a toss up.

The Sehawks are so hit or miss right now that I’m not sure what to think of that game. Historically though, Seattle is a tough place to play. Would definitely be an upset, but its possible.

Being that the Packers will likely be jostling for seeding when we play them I don’t think we catch them sleeping. Never say never, but beating them would be a major upset.

I personally don’t see more then 2 wins at most here, but 2 wins might knock us all the way down to 4th.


I thought that I’d do an evaluation at the bye week but we were still pretty much a hot mess after the Philly blow out. Really encouraged by their play since then, and how a couple guys have stepped up. At this point I guess my biggest take is that I am seeing a core of players and a staff that has their support that we can absolutely build on going into next year. Our needs haven’t changed much, although OL and CB have dropped in priority with the recent play of some of the backups. On the flip side I’m not sure what we have in Brockers and was hoping for better play. His contract says he’s still here next season so maybe we wait until then to find his replacement. Very happy about the addition of Reynolds, they absolutely need to make him a priority signing in FA. Anyway, good break down, I am hoping for another step forward by years end.

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Kevin Strong was released an is now a Titan so no need to consider him.
I agree with most I would really look at going after Walker an Reynolds resigns Williams would be my number one add in FA.
I don’t see a lot of UFA signings from other teams.

I see Lions trying to keep a few we have now. Walker…Reynolds…Anzalone…C Harris…RJM an Raymond would depend on price. If we bring them back an rest on team now we control …Add Williams at S we will be way ahead of the draft than this season.

I don’t think they take a QB this draft 2022 maybe one late to work as a backup.
The LB who we got from bears PS Woods had a good game yesterday his first start he is a nice depth LB if nothing else watch his play rest of the season.


Stephen Montez has been on the practice squad all season and one of the 4 protected.

He’s a poor man Carson Wentz being big, strong, with a running element. He wasn’t great in college, but did have some big time moments. That is your developmental #3 next year unless they can draft someone in the middle rounds.


Don’t be surprised if they put Fox in at LB to stop J-Will…it’s our only hope.
If we don’t…Denver wins fairly easily.

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skin game archer GIF


I think the DT position is more of a wild card than I had hoped. Onwuzurike looked solid on Sunday. To me he’s slowly gotten better throughout the season. Not sure I’d expect him to be a starter tho in ‘22.

McNeil on the other hand has hit the rookie wall. He started off with a little bit of buzz but he’s been disappointing since. I thought last Sunday he didn’t even look like he belonged on the field.

The staff clearly likes Williams because they asked him to rework his contract rather than releasing him, and he gets a ton of snaps. Brockers they love too, but his play hasn’t lived up to the expectations. Just too much of a wild card there for me. Is anyone going to step up? Feels like they should let Nick Williams walk and find a legit reliable starter

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Williams took a pay cut… and received nothing beyond this year.

I sure hope he is not in the plans after this season.

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Few remember that in HG Wells classic, the Invisible Man, that the main character’s name was Brockers.

Nah, I just made that up…