Lions Draft Shirts Leaked

Was doing some searches and came across our 2024 draft shirts. Obviously, we are to release our New Jerseys ahead of the draft, so I am guessing the draft hats and shirts will include any new changes with the logos and colors. Looks like these are black and blue. Upon looking into it further, the offical draft color is black theme, so maybe a nothing burger. Thoughts?!?


Misleading title but you got me.

It seems like black would compliment the new helmet very well. And being black n blue would jive with the MCDC era.


Those shirts have nothing to do with our jerseys. The draft gear for each year is independent of the teams and the previous drafts.

You need to change that thread title. I almost had a heart attack.


What is this clickbait title?

I like it

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Can’t wait for all black unis

36.99 for a tshirt plus tax and delivery. So 70 to 80 bucks Canadian for 1 tshirt… crazy
…now u know why I shop in Thailand

Does it involve ping pong balls?

@CuriousHusker behave… but DM me for 2 for 1 ping pong prices :joy: I have some connections in ur area

It would be amazing if Nike messes this up.

Twitter graphic artists have some fantastic concepts and yet Nike cant come up with something great?

We will see.

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I have a joke, but its too soon.

Garbage look.


It makes us look too much like the Panthers, that’s always been my biggest problem with the black.

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I’d love to keep the blue helmet, but with a larger silver version of our current logo on it

Yeah I like the blue helmet, but I’d rather wear it with like, a white shirt and blue pants.

I also think we need to get to work on a legit silver for our unis so we can scrap the gray. The Raiders pull it off pretty well


Agree with this. I want a color scheme where you know with just a glance that you’re watching the Lions.

The Lions should cut a deal with the Panthers, they get white and we get silver / grey. Then the Lions add a 3rd color that isn’t black and hey presto, we have a unique color scheme.

It’s crazy that teams like the Bears and Broncos, Chargers and Rams (with them sharing a city and having similar looking logos too) and other are allowed to, or are happy to, have such similar color schemes as other teams in the league

Wearing combined colors is a losing situation for us. Gotta stay with the same color for the jersey and pants. Its science.