Lions FA Score Board & COMP PICKS


I thought this meant they re-signed Chris board and was a bit disappointed.

One piece I had forgotten about was CB McClain.
If he’s going to have a breakout. Now is the time.
He has two years in the league. If he doesn’t get it, he’ll be a camp cut, but, what if he demonstrates that he is capable and does get it?


My Rankings on Lions move so far:

  1. Cominsky …the main man we needed to bring back
    2a) Sutton 2b) Moseley … needs, young, fleixibillity, and still can attack draft
    3- Will Harris… (vet minimum deal at 1.2 basically a free guy on the roster Top 51)
    4- Montgomery … good signing good contract, fills a need
    5- Buggs…nice depth guy
    6- Alex Anal Zone …dollar store thor

THAT, my friend, was HILARIOUS :joy:


I see it as:

Sutton - provides longer term security at the CB position that otherwise is in major flux
Commish - clearly the team loves this guy, and he can play anywhere on the DL
Moseley - He was a solid starting CB for the 9ers. He may be brought along slowly, but I bet he’s going to love it here and he played with Sutton in college so this could be more than just a 1 year rental.
Montgomery - He’s essentially on a 2 year, 9.75m deal to be the starting RB in Detroit. Swift and Reynolds are both on expiring deals… so again having a starter locked in for multiple years is helpful.
Anzalone - I’m still not overly impressed with this guy, but clearly the staff is.
Harris - They full guaranteed his deal so obviously they value the guy. It is helpful that he can literally fill in anywhere in the secondary, and knows the scheme like the back of his hand. I anticipate them targeting someone like Branch who can learn and run with this roll in the future.


we are playing chess here /our staff, cannot wait for what happens next…the next signing.


Deadstroke says we are 13 mil under the cap right now.

Our big dog - Chark

Role players - Hughes, Board, J. Jackson,

FA - Defensive Tackles Wormley/Ashawn
, Sean Murphy Bunting



Glasgow was cut he don’t count.

Elliott and Brown cancel out DMONT & Moesely

We get a 4th if DJ Chark signs?

If we want a DT or QB someone will need to sign Someone to cancel them out

Amani - please Texans or Bears pay him

Austin Bryant - see above

Justin Jackson should get a couple mil somewhere to be a 3rd down RB

Chris Board - see above he’s a 2.5 mil guy

Can resign JRM who was just cut he doesn’t count


Um, I want a recount, Jman. You using new math???

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I have no idea man…I’m wishfully calculating?

Where’s phunnypharm

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Nice dig. :+1:

Sorry, lost concentration after “Dollar Store Thor”. :rofl:


I think we’re unlikely to get any comp picks, unless Chark gets a Christian Kirk-esque offer.

I think we do even if he’s in the Lazard, MVS range which he should be?

I’m no expert but I have a general idea how it works, and it just doesn’t add up. I highly doubt Brown and Elliott will cancel out Montgomery and Mosley. The Lions side is on $12M/year while Elliott is less than $2M and while Brown is unreported, we know it’s only one year and there’s no way he’s anywhere near $10M/year. I bet he’s less than Glasgow.

And I’m not sure adding them together like that is how they do it anyway. I also don’t know if they put any weight to the length of the contract, but if so we’ve signed two guys to longer than one-year deals while only one of our FAs has signed for longer than that.

Who’s canceling out Sutton? Not Jamaal.

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I jumped the gun.

Sutton being equal to a 4th will cancel out a 4th if there is one. Right now he’s canceling the only free agent lost that Nick has recorded.


■■■■ them comp beans.


I mean I’d rather have Chark back

But if we lose him we better get a shit bean

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I mean, yeah, it is funny, but you guys know that nickname has been around for months, now? Not as long as Analzone, but still you and TCLion are acting like you never heard it before.

Lol I just heard it for the first time recently and passed it along. It was funny for sure