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I guess this should help:

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We might just squeak out a 7th round bean if Hughes gets a contract like Board got. Unless Evan Brown doesn’t qualify then we are back to 0.

CJ Moore’s in NE for a visit, maybe Bill overpays for his special teams ability as well.

I do somewhat get it. The Hoodie isn’t used to being terrible on ST and they were quite bad last year outside of Marcus Jones’ punt return magic.

Probably not, unless he plays a ton on defense, in addition to ST’s, his snap count probably won’t be enough. Have to see what Nick at OTC says after the onslaught of signings.

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Or SF. I think Fields would already be a star with Shanny pulling the strings. Imagine if they had just stayed at 12 and grabbed Fields and then had two more first rounders on their roster.

Fields worries me if they end up fixing that Oline long term. He’ll run over teams and will open up playaction plays and just get big chunks in mulitple ways…if if if they fix the Oline.

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All I want is one of them Brock Purdy type comp picks. That’s all I want and then I’ll be happy…

  1. Tremaine Edmunds is a weapon too on D, make no mistake about that.

  2. I count Justin Fields. He runs better than Hurts. Who is supposed to catch him on our team when he takes off, Anzalone? What if he learns to be even an average thrower too?

  3. Kalil Herbert was picked up in the same '21 draft as Fields and runs so well (5.7/ypc behind a bad OL) that our big RB signing this FA was - by far - their 2nd most productive back (3rd if you count Fields).

  4. Speaking of drafting, they have the 9th pick overall, an extra 2nd Rd pick this year, 2 first rounders next year, two 2nd rounders the year after that,

  5. Oh and in addition to the cheap stars drafting can bring, they still have $75MILLION available to spend in FA this year alone.

Do you think that with that much ammo, the Bears are done stockpiling weapons? I don’t.

I’m not saying they’ll be able to take our lunch money this season or any for that matter but you can’t tell me you don’t see the Bears comin’.

He’s a Lions LB going to NE. Belichek gets production out of LB’s who failed in Detroit - see VanNoy, Tavai. There may be hope.

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We’ve improved greatly

AShawn should be next

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Please stop with A’Shawn. Buggs is better and so is Benito Jones.


Other than looking like the baddest mofo in professional sports, name something he’s good at.

Holds up well against double teams? :no_entry_sign:
Get-off :no_entry_sign:

If he’s isolated on a single Guard, he can two-gap the run.
Well guess what, so can Buggs and Jones, but at least Jones shows a better anchor against double teams.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve seen anyway. Maybe AShawn has become a different player since he left.


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