Lions getting some love on NFL Radio

Give Goff a legitimate running game and offensive line and he’s shown he’s a pretty good QB.

So he’s entering a stretch against good defenses in hostile territory. I’m pulling for him, big time. I wish we could play NE again, just to see how different the outcome would be.

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Some folks only see what they want to see. They’ve been telling you for nearly a year.
I heard them. I believed them.
What happened is, the defense blossomed and the offensive weapons got healthy. That, “flipped the script”.
Watch Campbell on McAfee.
Goff was Elite 5 years ago. The teams around him the last 3 years haven’t been good. Even still, Goff was in the playoffs in 2020.
You did notice that the Rams went out and got OBJ and Von Miller, right? Who did their jobs the previous two years?
Why did Stafford suck this year? He won the Super Bowl last year. Of course, he sucked and wasn’t capable of winning his entire career, until he won the Super Bowl.
I’ve been wrong many times. When I realized that I was wrong, I owned it.
I’m a human.
“You people” put more stock in what Steven A says from 800 miles away, than Brunell, Johnson, Campbell, and Holmes say from the same building.
You do know what the A stands for in, Steven A, right?


I accept that amendment! Basically fills in a lot of details in what my thoughts are.

I also think the regression of Goff in LA, though real, gets overstated sometimes. It was surely a regression from his Super Bowl and Pro Bowl days, but he wasn’t terrible. Also a direct line can be drawn from his “regression” to significant deficiencies in his supporting cast (below average running game, lack of deep speed receivers, protection problems, etc).

Look at the box score from the Rams Packers divisional playoff game in 2021. Kupp was out they didn’t have OBJ. The only players with rushing yards were Akers and Goff. Donald was hurt and had no tackles. They didn’t have Von Miller or Leonard Floyd. Goff was just a few weeks off of thumb surgery. The 2022 Superbowl team was not just Stafford replacing Goff.