Lions Hosted Jake Bates on Visit Today


I like it
Got the Natty Stamp on this one.

our coaches value upside


It seems a few teams want to see the kid kick.
I find the Baltimore request to visit very curious.
If he does well he may get a camp invitation to one or more teams.
Still a long shot to make a team but getting a camp invite gets him in the door.

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They also believe in development. This kid wasn’t even majoring in kicking FGs until like 15 minutes ago


Fapulous news!

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Adding to this story from


, Michigan Panthers K Jake Bates visited the Lions today. Not a workout, but he’s going to take his other visits before deciding where to sign. Washington and Green Bay up next. via


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yeah I think he just visited , maybe talked with some staff, and it was onto his next visit, I wish they could have tried him out on his kicking ability , but it sounds like they didn’t-and if that’s the case it’s kind of a ho -hum visit. I do think Bates will be snatched up by some team, I would be surprised if the other 31 teams let him go without some deal.

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Also, all outdoor teams. I’m thinking that has to lower his priority of where he might sign. Doubt if he wants to kick in more than half his games outdoors considering that is where he seemed to struggle the most this past UFL season

He injured his leg just a few days ago in his last game. I haven’t seen any injury updates, but it looked pretty bad.

I doubt he will be working out for any team he visits in the near future.


Bates cooled off a month ago. Was that talk of the town in April early May. But he struggles outdoors.

I’d offer nothing more than a camp try-out.

Seems like Turner has outplayed Badgley in OTAs as well. Maybe the Lions go into camp with two kickers and none of them have the last name Badgley.


O didn’t know, then again I never follow his career and he was very unknown to me up until maybe 5 days ago…it’s too bad he got injured , I never wish that on any NFL player, but is what it is.

Standing on a Wisconsin sideline outside in December for 3 hours? No thanks… This is the most exciting Kicker situation since Kickalicious.

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A high ankle sprain is my guess what happened to him.

I’d even throw in a bag of Cheeto’s.


He’s young with insane power, his accuracy issues were mostly outdoor games. He has been doing kickoffs with the new rules all season and doing them well.

He has an unusual way he likes the ball held which may have something to do with his accuracy in the wind. ( just a theory)

He has not had the experience or NFL coaching. Even in college he wasn’t getting first team field goals reps or the in game reps. Someone is going to sign this guy and it’s going to pay off big. Indoors on turf I would match him up against any NFL kicker playing today.

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