Lions in the 5-7 win tier?

One writer expressed his opinion as follows:

I could see it. I mean, it’s the Lions. Goff gets inured or reverts to early 2021 season Goff and they’re right there.

Holy moly, who put the giants that high?


I’d rather they be underrated and dangerous, rather than overrated and soft. :grin:

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What’s the difference between wildcard contenders and just miss the playoffs?

I have no problem with that prediction for the Lions, but I hope we surprise a lot of people.
they will be better than that. I have said 10-11 in other threads.

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Well that list is totally inaccurate. That some straight up BS Journalism right there. Wasn’t worth reading.

The Giants and Panthers should both be in the 5-7 win tier.

Couldn’t stand it. Had to make my own…


Let’s just hope nobody gets the vapors because you used the WFT’s old logo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


SB Favorites- Bills, Rams

SB Contenders- Packers, Chargers, Benglas, TB

Playoff Teams- Colts, Chiefs, Cowboys, Raiders, Vikings, Saints, Patriots, 49ers

Just miss playoffs- Ravens, Titans, Dolphins, Eagles
Commanders, Lions, Browns, Broncos

5-7 Wins- Giants, Steelers, Jets, Cardinals, Panthers

Potential #1 pick- Falcons, Bears, Seahawks, Texans, Jaguars….

#1. The Cardinals will be worse by far- They backed into the playoffs last year, and this year starting out with no D Hop, losing Edmunds, Chandler Jones, etc isn’t going to make them better. I think the Murray situation will be toxic by week 4… Rams twice, 49ers twice, Bucs, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders - feels like 8 losses right there alone?

#2. Patriots will be better- Mac Jones will take a leap forward for sure. They will be boring, but they will grind.

#3. Lions could easily take Vikes spot

#4. Titans could possibly take Chiefs spot

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Betting Lines NFL futures
Lions 6.5 wins
Giants 7.5
Rams 10.5
Pats 8.5
Jets 5.5

A few of the more interesting ones.

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I’d take the over on both the Pats and the Jets. The Jets were 4-13 last year and dramatically upgraded their roster.

The other ones are too close to call, but the Rams should benefit from weakened teams in Sea & Ariz.

The Jet’s was the most interesting to me, they absolutely are a better team but they have a tough schedule.

if we olnly get 5 [email protected]##@@$$ wins, it may be enough for me to walk away from this team, I will be beyond pissed off !

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I’ll tell you this, I’d run so fast to take Vegas’ odds O/U Lions win 6.5 games…that BH would look like a 3 toed sloth rushing up for the Hutch pick

Oh wait, I already did, boys, this is stealing and you don’t always get such low hanging fruit from these guys

I haven’t bet on the Lions for years for obvious reasons. I will be taking this one at 6.5, I have them with 7-8 wins.


That’s a safe expectation, one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that seemingly every single year a perennial doormat rises from the ashes, last year it was Cincinnati, all your boys need is just manage to avoid the injury bug and I believe you’ll have a great shot at postseason

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I’m with you. I also believe the Lions will win 7-8 games.

Anything less? A disappointment.

Anything more? A winning record? Pleasantly surprising.


The Cardinals traded for Hollywood Brown to make Murray happy. I think the two sides will make up but I agree that they are not improved over last season.

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Last year it was free money at U 5 1/2. This year is much harder. Still lack depth in many areas and if the injury bug bites, like last year…oof