Lions looking to extend Hock & AO


I think if the Lions wait until 2023 to extend them the cost will be considerably higher. Definitely the smart move says to do it now.


Signing Hock when we still have him for 2 years doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I would personally be quite surprised to hear of his signing this year. Perhaps it’s my own prejudice, but I have a suspicion that he’s not re-signed here at all.

I could be wrong. This is just my opinion.


I love the stat they posted "Hock has 128 catches over the last two years, just behind 6 OTHER TEs. :rofl:


His 5th year option Holmes said will be picked up. I bet he get franchised next if he doesn’t sign a long term contract. Holmes n Campbell like to keep their own n love Hock and the TE position. Don’t see him leaving soon.


I would extend AO now for 5 years and 60M with a bit backloaded it would function as a 6 year 62M which gives him awesome security and us at least one solid CB through this run.

We also have 2 years with Jacobs and Parker, and 3 years with Iffy and Okudah(if we want) and a year with Hughes. We also have T Walker for 3 years, and a year each for Moore and Harris…

We have one hole in the secondary…

We really need Hock to be what we expected on draft day before we pay him. If he will take 5 years and 65M as an extension now til 27’, I’d do it. That would put him above Henry and company, and below Goedert and Kelce…

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In my fandom experience, it seems like Hock either re-signs now or he walks after next year and look for us to draft a TE as they take two years to really ripen on the vine.

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This is such a deep draft for TE’s, not taking one would be a huge mistake. In the late 5th and early 6th there will still be good players available. I was big on Woods, obviously with how he killed the combine he’ll be long gone by then. But a player I liked before last season was even in play is Austin Allen and he had a huge year and was named 1st team Big 10.

“While Allen’s 4.83 40 yard dash wasn’t great (I was hoping he would run 4.79 or faster) it still wasn’t awful. Outside of the 40, Allen was a top performer in every other testing. Allen ran the fastest 3 Cone drill of all the tight ends with a 7.0, while his Short Shuttle time of 4.26 was the second fastest. 10’1 Broad jump was third while his 34” vertical leap was 5th best.”

Even with a great season there was some doubt that he would even be drafted. Now, he should be right where we could grab him with a late round pick. We had no depth at TE last season, Wright got the job because he checked the box that said healthy. When he was out with covid we had nothing. Decker and Nelson both played some TE.

We know that you can’t play a 12 O w/o 2 TE’s on the field and with our desire to run more, we need to have 2 TE’s that are at least NFL quality. I’m a little surprised that they are extending Hock here but I get it, they could have waited, we just need to get a compliment player at this point.


I don’t know if medically that is a good idea.
They say call your doctor after 4 hours.


They have Hock under contract this year, then his 5th year option the following year, then the franchise tag the year after. He’s under control for 3 more years which is an eternity in the NFL.


That’s possible, but I don’t see that happening.

Either the Lions extend him now - or pick up his 5th year, then they let him walk after that. IMO, they need to know before the draft so they can develop a TE for that contingency in 22 let him have his rookie year, then he’ll be ready to go 23 and we can look into dealing Hock or simply not resign him. We could also wait one more year on a TE in the draft. That is entirely possible. I just don’t see a deal getting done after next season. This is the time.

That’s not the way this organization wants to deal with players they like. Hockenson embodies everything this team is all about. He definitely has room to grow as a player, but they are all about rewarding guys like that. Stringing him along on one year deals is not the way to reward someone who has done everything you asked.


FYI his 5th year option is for something like 9.3 and the TE franchise tag is currently 10.9. I’m sure both sides would prefer a long term deal, not sure what I posted that would indicate otherwise, but my point is still valid…. worrying about Hock leaving doesn’t make much sense. You can’t be stressed about losing a guy who’s under team control for 3 more years in the NFL. That’s a lifetime in nfl years


You are right. My point is you have to plan and build the team if you are the Lions FO. If you can’t get deal done, the leverage goes to him and its a matter of whether you want to pay top market for him after the follow year. I like Hock, but I don’t love him. I’m okay with him walking TBH. But if he doesn’t play ball in the next month, then we draft TE and we develop him. Then we’re in the drivers seat. We can trade him for a pick maybe. Or have two good TEs for a year.

Not saying we shouldn’t resign Hock,

But buying into what Detroit is doing shouldn’t be the sole reason for signing someone. We need to build a team that’s more talented and versatile than our opponents.

Jarrad Davis might be one of the best guys in the entire locker room. If he can’t make an open-field tackle, I don’t want him.

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I think part of the interest in re-signing is the following:

24 years old–dob July 3, 1997

At the conclusion of the 5th year option, he will be in his prime at age 26.

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Yes to all of this. Additionally, let’s give Hoch a bonus to keep his head shaved throughout the contract. He’s spending too much energy carrying all of that silly-looking 10 lbs of hair around. :wink:

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If he remains relatively healthy, it’s still better to extend him because of $$ though, no? I don’t know that for sure, but it seems like it. I like the idea of extending him.

Yes to this! :muscle: :heart:

I found out we brought him back! I like it. He’s got great measurables (at least, that’s what she said), and with the right coaching, he might actually reach his very high ceiling that he has been ridiculously under his entire career.

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The option year that he plays under is Next year.
We have the option to franchise tag him the following year.

We are a ways from needing to do anything with him. He’s effectively our for 3 more seasons.