Lions meet with Tua

Please select him if he’s available. Change the trajectory of the franchise and swing for the fences.


Yea that’s all we need to do is draft a QB that won’t last the length of his rookie contract if he ever starts. And he will start sometime. No doubt he has talent.

Anyone but him.


They’re just doing their due diligence here. Nothing more, nothing less.


Exactly - ridiculous notion.

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Lol yeah… ridiculous to take the stud QB talent. Why take a franchise changing QB, when we can take a CB in the top 3- something that hasn’t been done this millennium.

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Lol ok little schefter :joy::rofl:

When you already have one, Yup!

The Lions have 2 of the top 20 highest paid CBs. Why take another one?

The QB the Lions have is coming off a major back injury and has 11 years worth of wear and tear on his body. Why would anyone look to replace that​:joy::rofl:.

Some of you truly deserve the shit sandwich that this organization repeatedly serves up. Good thing for Green Bay fans their organization didn’t have the same thought process as the lowly Lions fans.

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I hope they don’t.

Trade him for a guy who uses mobility to create success…who is coming off a major hip injury with zero years of experience. I see what you’re saying. Do you have a Jahvid Best jersey in your closet?

And some deserve a shit sandwich for the way they talk down to other ppl


Do you even know the facts in which you speak against? The answer is no.

Tua uses mobility to create success? Yikes… thanks for outing yourself. Tua is a pocket passer. How do you not know this? So basically, you’re just arguing because you love Stafford. What a fan base.

Lions have 2 of the top 20 highest paid CBs. Stafford has been in the league 11 years. What are you trying to argue???

Please give facts Iggy! Let’s see who and what are the salaries.

Look it up yourself. Coleman AAV 20th amongst CBs. Trufant 15th. There’s a thing called google. You should try it sometime. :clown_face:

I think this is great. I hope the Lions also officially meet with Justin Herbert. Justin played on the South team in the Senior Bowl so we may know him better.

IF the Lions draft a QB I am totally cool with that. Even if that means sitting the season learning. I am fine with that. AND…other teams need to believe there is a chance we MIGHT take their guy.

As much as I want Chase and Okudah I am fine also grabbing a QB and even an OT. Meeting with a QB is simply smart business and maybe, just maybe the Lions are thinking ten years down the road?

I am fine drafting a QB and then allowing him to sit behind Stafford. Yep, even if that means passing up a blue chip guy who can help us win now because QB is that important.


Same Lions fans who don’t want Tua, will cry like last year. “well, we would have won like 6 games if Stafford didn’t get hurt”. Well, he did phucking get hurt again and he isn’t getting any younger. We don’t win anything significant with him, but even so, we should want someone to push him, a legit back up.

That’s why this fan base loves losing. If Stafford goes down, the season is over. We are the only franchise that does stupid shit like that.

I’m sure having 27 CBs on the roster will help our pass rush and will also help Stafford’s back from disintegrating for the 3rd year in a row.

LAst season was the first time Stafford missed games in the last decade so it’s not like this is a chronically injured 32 year old QB. He was also having a really good season before going down so it’s not like his play is falling off either.

Furthermore, I find it odd that you’re using Stafford’s injuries as a strike against him and in the same token, want to draft a guy at #3 who has suffered tons of injuries in college and a hip injury that might never fully recover again.

I do admit that drafting Tua would garner some excitement but this guy is a giant risk.


It would be really great if people could stop critiquing other fans and putting them into a group of people who like to lose just because they have a different opinion then their own. It’s a tired passive insult.

It is completely legitimate to question those pounding the table for Tua due to tua’s injury history. It is completely legitimate to question the pick when those same people are usually also the ones saying Matthew stafford needs to be replaced bc of his injury history. If you are worried about stafford and his injuries and sustainability then let’s talk about Herbert or making an aggressive over the top play for Joe Burrow. But don’t sit here and ridicule people for questioning the selection of a player who has broken his wrist twice, damaged his ankle twice and had a catastrophic hip injury all in the last 3 years. Don’t sit here and say “oh it’s smoke and the media doesn’t really know” when former NFL executives mention that there are some worried about Tua and his health. It could be all smoke and or it could be legit. Let’s try and not be condescending or dismissive. We will all find out in less then two weeks.


This one is easy boys. What better way to see who to trade with than to chat with Tua about which teams have shown the most interest. Allows for them to guage who is bluffing and who isn’t. This year more than any, a team drafting Tua is going to be doing some real due diligence with him if they are interested.

why draft a QB with severe injury history that’s held together with tinfoil and duct tape, THEN set him behind our o-line that has seen to it that Stafford was injured every other season. TUA won’t last long enough to change a thing or carry us anywhere Iggy.