Lions need to hire a michigan guy

We need a Michigan guy with passion to win.It doesnt matter how early we pick.It start with a good gm and a good coach with good scheme.Patricia dont even have good staffs, even nobody want to join here, patricia himself is bad, thats our main problem.If we have good gm and a good head coach, we can develop any players.So lets focus on a good gm like newsome and a good coach, not on high draft picks.Stafford and slay are not good leaders and way over rated, they cant handle big games.We need to build on team with good leaders like malcom jenkins, but this buffons will not get those kind of players because they know they get called out for their stupid scheme.Stafford looked very polished outside, but i know he is controlling things, he is the reason they are scared to bring a decent back up qb. Bridgewaters get paid 8 million a year for a reason.Lions organization need to stop worrying about stafford and should make bold decisions for teams sake and for poor fans like me

The Lions tried that with Steve Mariucci–a Northern Michigan grad from Iron Mountain, MI. That didn’t work out so well. Mooch was 15-28 with a .349 winning percentage.

As great as Pete Carroll has been with the Seahawks, he started out with two consecutive 7-9 campaigns before going 11-5 in his third year. I’m willing to give Patricia one more season to see if he can produce a winner in year 3. If not, torches and pitchforks.


I agree on mariucci , adam gase from michigan is not a good candidate too. Also we dont want old washed out guys like mike holmgreen.Robert Saleh is from michigan ,he has good energy and is aggressive.Please somebody name a young gm like newsome mold, who always look talent and take risks

In one of those 7-9 seasons Pete Carroll won the division and won a playoff game

Devin Bush…

How about P.J. Fleck? Turned Western Michigan around in two years, then almost went undefeated in year four. Went to Minnesota, and has them in contention for the FBS playoffs in his third year there. Michigan ties, Midwest roots, proven success turning programs around. And still a young guy.

I’m not ready to bail on Patricia yet, but Fleck seems like he would meet all your criteria if it came to that.

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Great idea, but Lions fans don’t have the kind of patience for 3 years

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How about we just worry about hiring a COMPETENT GUY first?


If we were going w/a Michigan college guy, Brian Kelly might be the best option. Have no clue about NFL coach pay vs NCAA pay, or if he’d be remotely interested.

How about we wait until the team is healthy then take judgement. How many of us thought that this was one of the best off seasons and the D was stout, only to find that injuries decimated this team. Now the scheme is the problem. Come on man, bitching is one thing but reason is another. I would question our conditioning program with what we’re experiencing but to toss a coach and GM is pointless. Not gonna happen. Moving on…

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Two words.



Who the hell are you and what have you done with/to Espnbaby?

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Seriously though, being in Kzoo and a Bronco,
I loves me some boat rowing…

That dude is like Gruden, like, he was a clone or something.

Brian Kelly could get a shot, sure…

Don’t most people from Michigan hate the Lions?

I agree. Hand, probably our best DT, has played all of 1 game this year, and the rest of the Dline has been the walking wounded when available at all. The defensive secondary has been decimated by injuries as well. On offense, we haven’t been able to keep a backup RB healthy after losing KJ, and now are without our QB (who has been putting up MVP worthy numbers).

…and Harbaugh!

Where did this come from? My spidey senses are tingling…

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Everyone from Michigan I meet out here either on vacation or living the snowbird lifestyle here always says that they’ve given up on the franchise for all of the usual reasons, that’s all.

Let’s back up the Brinks truck for Lincoln Riley and not worry where he’s from.

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Lions need to hire a guy that has the resume of winning bowls , game-winning experience, knowledge, and resume m and KNOWS how to build a Bowl-Winning Team !!